Sunday, August 20, 2006

Technology, you're killing me!

Ahh those were simpler times. May 2006. My first blog post. So young so innocent. Fast forward to the present day. That's right - my three month anniversary coming up right about now. I'll have to set flowers next to the computer.

I took a few fun/interesting pictures that would make a great backdrop for a post right about now. Where are they? Don't break your mouse trying to select on some unseen link that I've messed up. They're stored safely in my digital camera. That's right - the one that we were last on the block to get. I won it at the "Company Picnic" about a year ago. Nothing fancy, but now that I'd like to pull all the pieces together, I can't find the software install disk for my PC and the USB thingey. *^%$*

They were lovely pictures of urban blight, rock climbing and just another day in the Lampshade Family.

How I spent my summer vacation.


brian said...

Hi GQ,

Someone the technology express has missed a few stops. Me thinks folks like us are stuck on the slow local

G said...

Brian - I'm a good driver, I know when to get out of the passing lane and just coast :)

neva said...

you're not slow, you're simply savoring the technology...

we'll discuss this techno-plight over lunch, tomorrow. trust me, NBFF, if I can manage to upload pictures and/or create linkage, anyone can! xox

cj said...

:) I think Neva said it best, you are truly savoring it.

I think that it can be rather intimidating all the little do-hickys that we can use to do this that and the other thing. If it makes you feel any better I bought a digial cam corder to take videos of my kids and upload them into my weekly movies...... found I needed a new ibook... got the new ibook.... and I STILL haven't figure out how to do it. Yet I'm not savoring it, its more of a irratant.

:) I'm just a work in progress and I kind of like it that way. Its noncommital.

~ good girl ~ said...

Hehe!! I'll just have to use my imagination re the pics. I think you can slot the memory card directly into puter tho. Blue claims he did it once. Dun ask me slot where and how. But it sounds plausible enough. Peep around puter, maybe??

G, I won't be the first to say it here but yea, if I can, you can. That I even know how to sign in to my blog is huge.

GG xo

Pavel said...

Hope Neva sets you straight soon so we can see pictures of the lampy family rockclimbing!

G said...

Neva: I like that...savoring the technology. I live in hope...until our next lunch.

cj: It does fall into the irritant category for me as well. I am sure if I had the silly disk and uploaded it along with the USB (or whatever the hell) chord...Ah well, I shall get there. Maybe not always the most direct route. Although I must say with your redecorating and posts and videos, you are being modest.

GG: I shall poke around when I get home this evening! Thata girl, the ole imagination! Thanks for the tip.

Pavel: I expect a step by step "for idiots" comment from you solving all of my problems! Well computer that is.

Neva is not only my NBFF, but my safety net whenever I am in danger of screwing something up on a link!

Now if you'll all notice, I do post pics from time to time. Those were transferred by "professionals" to a disc first. How lame is that?

Anomie-Atlanta said...

If you show me your urban blight, I'll show you mine! :)
I'm bad about posting pics too, you're not the only one.

Pavel said...

g: Anytime you need me, you look to the south and call out "Super Nerd! Supernerd!" and I'll help.

If that doesn't work, email me.

joel said...

I'm sorry but I had to have a laugh at your expense. Actually, that sounds like something we would do (have done) I am empathizing while chuckling.

Kyahgirl said...

isn't that the pits? oh well, we can just imagine the pictures :-)

is there a downloadable program you can use? when I got my new scanner it came with an adobe photoshop test version that actually can open pictures off my Nikon digital...maybe you can get something like that? And USB cables are at your local office/computer store....come on can do it buddy!!

G said...

Anomie - You're on! At least I'm in good company.

Pavel - We'll pay for your airfare! (only slightly desparate). Thanks, you just may hear from me - keep your windows open.

Joel - I guess I deserve that for chuckling while empathizing over your weeds plight.

Kyah - So practical - so right. There are I imagine any number of programs - it speaks to my own laziness in this regard that I haven't gotten one of them. You're right - I'm going to Staples! That's it.

FelineFrisky said...

Technology - We've been without it for years now. HonBun & I don't have cell phones, or iPods, or a DVD player!!! The new 'puter is it. Don't even want a high def TV! If I wanna get that close, I'll buy a stinkin' ticket! D

Miss 1999 said...

It's ok, technology takes awhile to get to some of us. Me, especially! I'm just now getting in the grove of things in the blogging world.

Minka said...

We have all been there! Gosh, I am still trying to figure out what blogroll does and how do I get me some of it! :) I have been blogging since 2004! ;)
We Cancerian take it slowly!
I would to see soem pics of the lampshade family though. So, whenever you get aorund to it-neva, do your best!-we all would be delighted!

First Nations said...

eagerly awaiting some urban blight. i have already posted my urban blight so it's about time someone else revealed their blight.
yay for blight, i say!
i have a wordup, tho...blogger is optimized for the Firefox browser, so if you're using IE your pictures might very well not publish. thats what happened to mine.

Kyahgirl said...

I just know you can do it g...I came back for another round of cheering on the technology front :-)

G said...

FF: When it comes to technology, I'm lazy. As long as I can post, I'm fine. Then it aggravates me when I want to do something more, so than I figure that something more out. It's good to know I have company in this regard. But you seem to be blazing along quite nicely.

Miss 1999: We can make our own club perhaps. Welcome to my low tech world. Thanks for stopping by.

Minka: Yes we crabs tend to move side to side before we scamper forward :)

FN: My pictures publish no problem - it's getting them from my camera :) Word on the wordup though.

Kyah: Thanks to all my blogging buddies' encouragement and expertise, anything is possible.

G said...

By the way FN, you can never get enough urban blight I say.

Miz BoheMia said...


Ok... off I go to read some more!

G said...

It's a test run MizB - although, I do keep em short. My OCD amiga, you find them all and I am honored beyond belief that you do.