Thursday, April 10, 2008

Was it something I said?

The germ attack just continues. Poor Tali had gone to bed last night after complaining of dizziness and not feeling so good only to be awoken to a not so pleasant stomach virus. Scissors being the good Daddy that he is and not wanting her to feel lonely in her misery, joined her around 4:00 am with the same bug. I stayed home yet again today to just keep redoing laundry and tend to the sick. That, and I catnapped most of the morning as I was up quite a bit with the sick crew throughout the night.

Thankfully, the worst of it was over by 6:00 am for Tali - Scissors, not so much. I went in to check on him this morning and Louie was lying up on the bed with him. He growled at me! Louie, that is; Scissors was too sick to growl. Louie really takes protecting his Daddy quite seriously. Although he made up for it by abandoning him this evening to come lay by my feet (again Louie, not Scissors).

So, on a humorous note - Tali's school did a course of study and presentations on former presidents a month or two back. Tali's president was William Howard Taft. The children wrote stump speeches themselves and then had to dress up as the president and deliver them. What follows is Tali's turn as William Howard Taft. My camera was completely out of focus, but you'll get the idea. The children of the school voted in three categories and ole "Big Bill" won as president with the best personality. I suspect it had something to do with the moustache.



Jonah K. Haslap said...

I'm sorry, honey. I just didn't buy that Taft impression at all. I guess you can scratch presidential impersonator off the list of future career choices for the boy. Better to find out now, than after he spends two decades trying to nail down Teddy Roosevelt's accent.

Tom & Icy said...

Sorry about the germs. Hope everyone gets better. The video was fun to watch and funny how the mustache kept coming loose. It's always a good experience for children to speak publicly. He handled the situation with poise, I thought.

G said...

Well, I think we have to give credit where credit is due - HE is a SHE! It's Tali (my daughter)!

JKH: You don't think she made a convincing 300 lb man? I'm crushed.

T&I: Thanks, the virus seems to be on its way out, thankfully. And I will pass your compliment on to Tali - I thought she hung in there nicely with the moustache falling off every other sentence :)

Doug said...

That was terrific Tali. I might have been president if I could keep a moustache.

Ariel the Thief said...

I vote for Big Bill without hesitation. What a man who keeps his confidence even when loosing his moustache. What a girl, I mean... :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

Get better, all! At least Louie enjoys the situation. :-)

tsduff said...

I just love watching Tali's moment at the podium - mustache and all. Brilliant!

I feel like growling when I'm sick too. Hope you are all out of the green (nauseous) zone, and back on track. (even you Louie :))

G said...

Doug, yeah Doug - that and two bucks will get you on the subway :) Isn't she terrific (kvelled her mama).

Ariel, it takes a real girl to make it through a speech with a faulty moustache! Yeah, Louie is playing us all like a fiddle :)

Terry, you would have been laughing right along with me! I think the growling is over for now (except by Louie who likes to growl a little at the kids, nothing too terrible :).

Have a good night all!

weirsdo said...

Good job, Tali. I think you need more padding, though.
Once someone threw a cabbage at Taft during a stump speech. He held it up and quipped, "I see one of my opponents has lost his head."
(I may not be quoting exactly. Toyplayer told me this incident.)

Jeff said...

That was awesome! She is an excellent speaker - clear and easy to understand. That's not the norm for kids her age. I love how she was completely unfazed by the fact her mustache kept coming loose and it never even interrupted her talk. I see big things in her future! :-)

G said...

Weirsdo, I tried to pad her but she wouldn't let me! Especially in light of her letting me pad her to perform as Ben Franklin; although come to think of it, she wouldn't let me put a bald cap on her for that one.

I recounted the cabbage thing to Tali and she recalled (although not exactly as quoted) the incident. That would have been a good reinactment.

Jeff, well thanks - Tali is pretty unflappable for the most part. Although the teacher did not set out to teach this, it was an excellent exercise in not taking one's self too seriously. Although, that is a lesson I teach daily at home. Thank you very much.