Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Happened Over There?

Did a cat scratch your neck?
Did a bird come and peck?
Did a horse give a kick?
Did a cow give a lick?
Did you get in a fight?
Did a dog give a bite?

What happened over there?

Did a yak make you trip?
Did a squirrel give a nip?

And so forth and so on.

This is how I had to get Julian into the bathtub last night. That was after he laid behind his bed refusing to get out. After about a half hour of that routine, I sat right down with him and somehow got him to get up. He came to the bathroom with me but once there, did the ole cat about to be dipped into the tub with all extremities gripping the doorjamb tightly routine. You know the one.

As I struggled to get him into the bathtub, I noticed a little mark on his neck and said “what happened over there?” I then made up the song above sung all wangly jangly which got Julian all giddy and laughing. I was able to undress him as I sang (with Tali shouting out her own lines), get him into the tub and wash him up – all before he remembered this was what he was rebelling against.

I can’t promise such creativity every night, but it’s always good when it works out that way. Where is Scissors while all of this occurs? Probably watching his Rangers take a drumming by the Penguins. So it wasn't a perfect evening, but close enough.


weirsdo said...

Good for you for creatively parenting.
My favorite bath memory is of Mall Diva when she was three. She had some plastic jewelry which she termed "my finery." I removed it to give her a bath, and all through the bath she screamed, "I want my finery! I want my finery!"
As the water was going down the drain, she said, "Now give me my finery, you hateful woman."

G said...

Ah, a little diva even then - a sign of things to come. A three year old who calls for her finery is not one to be trifled with as she demonstrated.

Ariel the Thief said...

I love that song. I'd sure go to the bath without fight, too, singing it. I understand what you mean "a night closee to perfect". Thank you for sharing!

Doug said...

Rhyming is under-rated, it should be stated.

tsduff said...

You know the secret... music soothes the savage beast (and sometimes little boys) Music crosses all boundries. You made me laugh when describing the hands and feet on the doorjam - my big dog Tobin did that more than once.

Jeff said...

Nice! I thought you were quoting a children's book - of which this would make a very good one!

Good job mom... you have the perfect touch for dealing with stubborn kids.

G said...

Thieving Ariel, the ole three card monty of mothering, that's my system. Now get in the tub! Close to perfect is good, isn't it? Thank you.

Doug, good one - now you're done!

Terry, haha - see you know the ole move! That just reminded me of the Bugs Bunny episode with the Music Soothing the Savage Beast. It seems my whole life frame of reference can all be brought back to Bugs Bunny. I don't seem to draw upon that enough.

Thanks Jeff, but I'd probably run out of rhymes before I could get a book together. I could write books for the attention deficient I suppose. :)