Tuesday, April 01, 2008


...and I am that pipe smoking rabbit.

Okay, that would certainly explain my absence of late in a simple nutshell.

We had a death in Scissor's family - his only aunt which really has us all shaken up. She passed away on the Fast of Esther, the day before Purim and was buried on Purim. There's not much I can say right here without feeling that I am diminishing the effect on our family. She was a Holocaust survivor, along with my mother-in-law. They were the only survivors from their immediate family. If they talked once a day, they talked seven times a day. You may recall her being the topic of the great Salami Trafficking Post HERE. She was a dear soul, as sweet and gentle as the day is long and we'll miss her terribly.

On the heels of that, I seem to have contracted a nasty strain of upper respiratory flu which had me sidelined until pretty much today. The same flu that hospitalized my MIL who is now home and resting comfortably, thank G-d.

And where last we left off in this story, Julian had Scarlet Fever and when we sent him back to school, they called for us to pick him up. It seems the teacher convinced him that a runny nose doth a sick child make and so each day, he'd say, "I have Scarlet Fever, I can't go to school." cough cough cough end of sentence. I stopped explaining absence of fever, three days of antibiotics to a six year old and just let him watch Spongebob.

Throw in a sore throat and general feelings of malaise for Tali and Scissors and the pox upon our household was complete. I swear I called HBO to let them know that I could fill in for Paul Giamatti as the infirm John Adams. They have not gotten back to me, but I'm certain that I could still pull it off and be a credit to the role.

And that, my friends brings me coughing back to this little blog. I've missed visiting, but will get back little by little. I mostly still feel weak and out of sorts, so it will take time. I'm going back to work tomorrow, or April Fools Day. There must be a message in that alone, but I'm feeling too lowly to delve into that one.

So Rabbit Rabbit and good luck in April. I'd settle for just luck - not bad certainly, but I don't even want to push it by asking for good. Just a little luck, that's all.

Happy April friends. It's been a while.

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Doug said...

Rabbit Rabbit! I wish you a much better April.

Mo'a said...

I am so sorry to hear about your families illnesses and loss.
I wish you a better rest of the year.

ariel said...

Sorry to hear the only aunt has gone. But the salami post is hilarious and wise. "Food is not the central thing in life - it is life itself." is one big truth.

Rabbit, rabbit! Get better all!

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

I am so sorry for all of your troubles. Prayers and best wishes that April is full of sun showers.

tsduff said...

That my dear, is THE winning rabbit picture of the entire year :) Love it. Rabbit Rabbit.

I am sorry for the pox upon your household - may it vanish sooner rather than later. You have had more than enough bleakness this past year and deserve some sunnier times. Very sorry for your family's loss of Scissor's aunt

As for the creeping respitory yucky bug you have - take care of it! Eat your meds, drink your cough syrup, and rest rest rest. I didn't take care of mine (went traveling into the great snow and icy world) but now it is finally receding. Hugs -

Hobbes said...

We're sorry for your loss and hope Julian, Tali, et. al. all feel better soon.

actonbell said...

I'm sorry for your loss. And all the sickness--that's always rotten luck.

Rabbit, rabbit, happier April!

G said...

Thanks Doug. Rabbit rabbit to you too.

Mo'a, thank you. Time for some good things, I agree.

Ariel, thank you. Rabbit, rabbit and we're safely on the mend. The salami post is as true today as when I wrote it.

Nessa, rabbit, rabbit. Here's looking forward to those sunny skies.

Terry, I rather liked it too. But I don't know - you and the Pez folk always have a great one!

Glad you're home where a crow can rest properly and get back to proper health. Thanks for all of your good wishes.

Hobbes, thank you so much.

Actonbell, thank you. I feel as if we're ready for Spring :)

the frogster said...

Ribbit, ribbit. Get it? See, because my avatar... never mind.

If I find any luck, I'll pass it right along.

Feel better.

Jeff said...

I've missed you these last few weeks, now I know why. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Hope you're all feeling better soon. GOOD LUCK!!!

Pavel said...

I'm sorry, G, for your loss and I hope you feel better real soon.

Gale said...

Big Lots O'Luck, huge amounts, bushel baskets of luck, so much luck you can't shut the front door!

Claire said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Scissor's beloved aunt. As the survivors of the Holocaust pass on, I can only hope that we don't forget.
No doubt about it, it's flu, cold and strep throat season, even here in sunny cali.
Hoping your spring will be better in the family health department.

pia said...

Oh G I'm so sorry

Your life this year--it's always something, isn't it?

Not that I want to top the Dawg but may April be the start of a wonderful year.

Scarlet Fever? sounds so quaint and goes with that truly great image

Kyahgirl said...

dang, you have had it rough haven't you?!
Hope you all get on a healthier road soon!

ann said...

hi sweetie... sorry I've been MIA too from the blogosphere

I wish all yours and Scissor's family a long life and may you all be spared from further grief... hold on to the wonderful memories of his beloved aunt.

I sadly buried a dear friend the day before Purim, the wife of a local Rev. She had cancer, the prognosis was good and then she went into cardiac arrest and that was it. She worked so hard; a wonderful teacher, mother to five children and loadsa grandchildren... and she was younger than me. I think Hashem didn't want her to work so hard anymore and it was time for her to rest.

I'm up to my neck in Pesach cleaning and next week my dear old ma is having some surgery... and so it goes on

I hope you're all much much better now and fully recovered. There's always something isn't there?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Theresa said...

I was here a few days ago and I thought I'd left a comment, but it looks like it didn't work. I hope I didn't leave it on somebody else's blog. That's happened to me before when I had too many tabs open. Anyway, here goes again. I'm sorry to hear about all your misfortunes, and I hope that the rest of April will bring better times to you all. Too late for rabbit, rabbit, so tibbar, tibbar. :)

G said...

Thank you each and all for your wonderful comments. I appreciate them although I haven't been the best of commentor myself of late. I'm lurking though and will strike when you least expect it :)