Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cool by Association?

Someone is looking for someone like you. I look around suspiciously - me? A married 40 + woman with two kids, bills to pay and not enough time as it is. View singles in your area. View them doing what? They don't stop - those e-mails which began in earnest coincidentally about the time I started blogging.

Along with the offers - credit cards aimed at "hip" people who eat at the right restaurants, listen to the right music on their ipod (would this be the time to admit that I don't own one), go to the right clubs (without being shown the rope) and eat the right cheeses. Become a food critic...okay, can't I just do that from the comfort of my own home? Well, they did say they'd pick up the tab. Still, no thanks.

Apparently I don't fit the blog demographic, yet many of the blogs I visit (no offense) don't seem to either. How refreshing is it that in this world where posers are upheld as the ideal, my niece who does fit the demographic is off in southern India working on harvesting silk worms on her summer before her senior year at college. Well that was last week, she seems to be eager for the next assignment. She's working with families who probably earn about $17 a month. I am incredibly proud of her for being just the type of person for whom above ads would be meaningless.

But enough about that little do-gooder:) Back to me - nights out, fine food, dancing!

Who am I kidding? Even if they picked me up in a limo to deliver me, I would politely decline. I couldn't be happier than when in my own home, in my own jammies, barefoot, dancing the "Numa Numa" with my kids in the kitchen. Hey, you think it was easy getting past Adrian on the ropes - I had to wear my stylish jammies.


Miz BoheMia said...

Oh dios mio! I do not own an ipod either! What does that mean then???? Crap! I am not cool then? *sigh* I gotta figure out a way to...

But hey, if we are talking cool by association and I am a friend of yours and I find you to be fab, JUST FAB, then you know what? I AM ROCKIN'! (Yeah, probably still stuck on Doug's latest word! By the way Dougy boy, get on it and give us a new one!)


Sweet and Salty said...

Hi, G!

You don't own an ipond?! (gasp) Actually, I don't either, but I do feel left out in conversations sometimes because I don't own one, especially in my field.

Maybe we don't want one, G, or don't have time for one. Maybe...

Besides, look what happened to this poor guy for having an ipod.

There is so much pressure to be on top of everything, know and see the latest, read the latest book. I was in that race for the longest until I realize it's a losing race.
We were made in God's image and we therefore we must have a small semblance of his infinite imagination and creativity. There are too many of us being very creative and very imaginative and we can't keep up with it all.

Maybe we're not supposed to. I know, maybe we're suppose to share.
Like, maybe, through stories, nights out with friends, or even Blogs...

CozyMama said...

good post and wow about your niece!!! at least you have good jammies, I wear tanks and shorts to bed or my patrick nightshirt you know from spongebob...

~ good girl ~ said...

I have an iPOD :-( Can I still comment?? In my defense, it was a birthday present. Whew!

I like the overseas charity work thing. A few friends have done it and they've all been awed by their experiences.

I hate getting spammed. everyday upon hour.

Lol. I like that "see them doing what" comment. Cracked me up!!

GG x

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh! And I am totally the same way! We tend to blast the music and boogie down at home with the lil' bohemians! More fun and clubbing and the like? Ugh! So glad that is a part of my past!

You are indeed a wise woman and a great mummy dear Gina!

Anonymous said...

So, seriously, what is it about all us homebodies? Are we (talking bout my generation...humming tune in my head) destined to be the "uncool" generation or are we simply redefining what is...or do we simply not care? We (Snuppy and me) define a good time as mexican takeout...TV...pups nestled nearby. Going out clubbing would rank somewhere near elective brain surgery on our list of to dos! Are we bland or enlightened? Content or uninspired? I guess it doesn't matter...we're happy in our simplicity and I guess that's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think I've owned 5 ipods. I am hard on those little buggers. However I don't think I generate coolness from what I have. I think we generate coolness from what we do not have - and that is simply the need to be someone else. What makes you, I, and anyone else cool is the happiness that comes from being ourselves. :)

G said...

MizB! You the funkified Queen of blog funk who dances the dance electric not cool! Imposible!

pavel: You mean your fellow techies haven't stoned you to death? I think cj captured the essence of cool below ~ doing your own thang. I've always enjoyed my own slightly off beat march.

brian: you too.

jodes: You have a Patrick nightshirt! Adrian - let her in, kids, get er a juicebox.

gg: Embrace your ipod. Truth is I might own one if I weren't so lazy about acquiring it, eventually...Yes, I am sure this will be a defining experience for my sweet niece.

MizB: fo sho you do! Ugh, the dark club days - were they actually fun?

y tu mi amiga, y tu.

joel: I know that I'm cool, just ask my NBFF. Simplicity = good.

cj: well said.

Anonymous said...

For the record I own an Ipod, though I'm not the right demographic

Am actually sick of demographics--they're meaningless. Advertisers and companies have to relearn the world, the same way that bloggers do--it's not easy, sometimes, manytimes doesn't feel worth it, but the real world doesn't operate the way corporate America seems to think

I'm supposed to be a "successful" blogger. People ask me to put ads on my blog for their corporations, and don't offer anything back. I wouldn't accept, but one of the many things that I don't understand about blogging is why people assume I would do product placement without stating that it is, and expect nothing in return

Enough of a rant.

Think it's wonderful of your niece, she will learn a lot--and think it's great that you're so proud of her

Anonymous said...

for the record (full disclosure being what it is) I do own multiple iPods...strictly a convenience and work thing though, I swear!

Anonymous said...

gawd, I hope you don't go 'all cool' on me. I would hate that.

Anonymous said...

I guess you can't do italics in the name eh?

FirstNations said...

see, i keep getting the viagra and cialis ones. and, y'know, that might be nice if I WAS A GUY.
given what i usually blog about im suprised i don't get ads for gay gardening porn.

and if there is such a thing, would someone kindly submit my url?

what on earth could harvesting silkworms possibly be like? it sounds interesting and shes very cool to go help, but...still...i guess i thought magic faeries or tiny mice farmed silk. never thought they had to be harvested. *imagines silk combines crossing the hills*

G said...

FN: You asked, should you stop back: Excerpt from niece's e-mail: "The main cash flowing in is from silkworm production. They hatch the worm from eggs and house them in this big concrete building. Everyday the little buggers munch away through fields of mulberry. They just last week finished the feast, and spun their cuckoons. We then cleaned, sorted, and packaged them for the market... I don't know as I ever want to do that again. Fifteen people crowded into a small dirty room, with the smell of musk silkworm guts, and rotting leaves. Every so often, you'd reach into a pile of white cuckoons and stick your finger through some goo - the remnants of a dead, exploded silkworm... The best, or worst, is when your bare foot finds a nice, bloated, black worm that never made it to weaving - a gooey eruption underfoot and entrails ooze between the toes... We worked for about two days - last being a 12 hour marathon... It was actually quite fun to see what goes into the whole business - despite the gory details just provided."

FROM G: But FN, you can hold onto your version, as my niece looks a bit pixie-ish, 1st cousin to the magic fairy.

G said...

Pia: Ain't that the truth about corporate America. Seminars are probably being conducted as we speak on how to capitalize on blogging advertisements. Ooh, I'm only too happy to join in - on both the rant and kvelling about my niece :)

Joel: Of course, and you can stop whenever you like.

Not so clever: You're asking me?

FN: By the way, I'll keep a lookout on the gay porn gardening thing...

Anonymous said...

huh? wha...? whooey?? did i fall asleep two days ago AND MISS THIS POST??? what the f.. oh, i forgot, your daughter reads this. still... WHAT THE F??

okay, so i'm embarrassed. is my face red. and you'd know that if you could use your x-ray vision--yes, that's my big ass sticking up, and that's my big head buried in the ground.

i'm sorry i wasn't first, or second, or 11th. i'm 17th. that should be good for something, right??

*shoves head back in hole*


G said...

Neva - You could have gotten away with it, and said that was you (one of the hot puppies :) Whenever you saunter by, okay by me.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the blogging community, I respectfully request that you post a pic of your stylish jammies.

G said...

With the question posed ever so nicely? No. Well, maybe as long as I am not in them - I might consider that request (don't want to get the reputation of a sexpot - ha). First will need my digital camera back up and running. Then you'll be sorry you spoke out.

Hobbes said...

Still waiting (taps foot).