Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Black Shirt

I do quite a bit of musing while driving. So this morning's musing surrounded around my new black shirt:

Ode to New Black Shirt

You will never again feel this fresh
Or have just this hue in your threads
You will be washed
Lose elasticity
maybe get a small hole and I'll still wear you

But you'll be comfortable
You'll fit me softly and perfectly
You'll end up as pj's when you get too faded
But that's when you'll be closest to my heart.

And that reminds me of my husband. Mr. Scissorhands. Relationships start off so new and fresh. You think things will never change from there. They do. Good times/bad times. The bond deepens, you gain a few pounds, he loses a few strands of hair. And here we are - seventeen years after first meeting.

Feel this cotton.


Anonymous said...

You muse...I pretend I'm racing at Le Mans. I'm thinking your time is spent more creatively than mine.

I'm first, by the way.

Anonymous said...

So basically you're comparing your hubby to a used black shirt...

j/k 17 years later? Wow! But yes, the bonds do deepen and you change, physically, emotionally, spiritually, but together you change. Well, at least 1/2 of us do it together. (smile)


Carrie said...

Beautiful. I was just looking at my husband yesterday and thinking about how much has changed in just over a year.

I love him more than ever and he's just as comfy as your black shirt. Thanks, G, I needed this more today than I thought.

Mutha said...

Actually I wanted to comment on the picture below but the blog woouldn't let suggestion is that perhaps the suit is so sharp that the blood pressure cuff is a precaution to revive those left in the wake of this level of fashion

Tom & Icy said...

It seems your proclivity for attachments comes from the strong personal ties within your religious community. I envy that. We live in a area concentrated with drug addicts and can't trust anyone to come use the phone or toilet because so many steal and beg for enough money for another hit. And they can't carry on a conversation because they only think about how they're going to get their next hit. Feels like we're being swallowed up in a slimy swamp.

G said...

Joel: I don't know, that's a toughey. The racing at LeMans actually cracked me up. Duly noted on the first thing.

Pavel: I guess the key is to use the gentle cycle? Thing is it's not always together but you know sort out the laundry enough...

Pinky: I'm glad and thank you. Just some thought from the road. Glad to see you and hope you're feeling back to normal.

Mutha: I should have put the comments on but I put two posts out together - ah, anyway, I like that idea. Probably more accurate. I almost needed it for me. I needed to cajole him into getting dressed but he was quite pleased with the mirror and my song I was singing to spur him on - "Who's handsome? Like your dadddy?" So he was only too happy to strike a pose.

Tom & Icy: That may be. I think we also find comfort and guidance in the simple rituals and traditions - I know it means a lot to the children as well.

That sounds like a hard knock life for sure. Now I don't feel so bad about my drummer neighbor and the guy who thinks it's okey to use a lawnmower at 5:00 a.m.

Maybe we could take Icy in a sort of Fresh Air Fund summer exchange? Even though technically we are still the city, it's a nice neighborhood.

FirstNations said...

i have a black t-shirt that says
'Caution: Does Not Play Well With Others'
my husband is VERY much like that shirt.

DaBich said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful post.
17's wishing you 17 and 17 and 17 more years..each better than the last :)

Swampwitch said...

You said it best in one of your comments below, "I guess the key is to use the gentle cycle."

G said...

fn: That would be perfect for Mr. Scissors! I like that.

db: Thanks so much.

Swampwitch: Now if only I could remember that, sometimes I put it on heavy duty and well, things get a little ruined :)

TFKoP said...

Hi G!

Came over to say "HI", and let you know that I'm wearing an old black shirt today....which, of course, was once a new black shirt.

Congrats on 17 years! That's awesome. 17 years of marriage is great, and could even be considered...The Finest Kind of Pork! ;-)

--the finest kind of pork (TFKoP)

thanks for stopping by my site too!

G said...

Hey tfkop! Black shirts are my faves! Actually, we're coming up on (with good behavior) 11 years of marriage - we met 17 years ago.

Wow - we could be considered tfkop? I'll consider that Kosher coming from you :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

so then, i guess the rough times are kind of like lint... after awhile you pick it out of the tray and voila! good as new! (sort of)

you are such a romantic! truly you have the soul of a poet. and i say it's a far far better thing to compare your relationship to a wonderful careworn shirt than, say, an old pair of shoes or worse...those funky stretched out panties crammed into the back of your lingerie drawer. xoxo

brian said...


I understand the sentiment perfectly and I think this is a beautiful and moving portrayal of a loving marriage.

zdpphqbg--I mean what is up with these verifiers??? Sounds like something Mary Poppins would say.

Didn't like that one?? How about fmjdgcmb--Something in the back of the fridge.

brian said...

Oh sure!!!

The next one is --hlvoo--

That's a late night infomercial vac.

Anonymous said...

Shannon also compares clothes to relationships...

interestingly enough she only buys clothes that are on triple clearance and then she makes them wait in her closet for months before she will finally wear them.

te amo

G said...

Neva: or cheese that you forgot about in the refrigerator. Haha - undies - now you're getting racy :) I'm a muser for sure. haha

Brian: These shirts do get rather comfy...thanks for that sweet sentiment. Rather Mary Poppinsesque indeed.
Hope you're feeling better btw.

caits: See I definitely get that from Shannon :) You don't cozy up so easily to her - sort of catlike. Good for her on the triple clearance though.
Love ya ~ Aunt G

FelineFrisky said...

Ah, yes. Comfortable, soft, warm. Well worn shirts and marriage. A fitting comparison. Congrats, BTW. D :}

Minka said...

You are so good at writing. What seems so simple on the surface, boils with meaning inside ;) Just love it!

That happens to my shirts too, the become Pj´s after a while.

Doug said...

I'll take your word for it on the cotton.

Hobbes said...

Happy anniversary of your first meeting.

The material is very important, Doug.

G said...

FF: Thanks D, it seems that shirt of yours is quite comfortable too :)

Minka: Thanks. Something about us Cancerians I bet - on the shirt thing. We like our comfort.

Doug - No really - feel! Listen to Weirsdo.

Weirsdo: Thanks - although, our first meeting occurred in early December. The shirt just reminded me I guess.