Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone!

Alright breathe deeply. It's only the first week of school and I have a meme due, emails to answer, no posts within spitting distance. That's not to mention all the things I was going to "catch up on". I felt as if I were the one in school here for a brief moment. Actually I am. Each September the knot in my stomach is reawakened by the knowledge that the dreaded procrastination gene is embedded in my children's' DNA.

Well Julian, he is just busy hosting tea parties in his new class - no homework yet. Kindergarten. But it's coming, oh yes it's coming. The good news is that he's settling in nicely to his new school and role as lower gradesman. He is already making a name for himself. That's my little mayor. Tali starts school tomorrow. She, on the other hand, had a homework packet over the summer of which she seemed to neglect a few unfinished details, say like - writing a story! With a bit of divine intervention FOUND HERE and some writer's cramp on Tali's part, the packet is complete.

And since the bus service is not in place yet for Little Miss Can't Be Wrong (you remember the Spin Doctors), I will be schlepping into Manhattan with her at 7:00 am. Scissors will get Julian to school.

And so goes week #2 of my vacation. So if I have not responded to emails or commented at your blogs, you are all never far from my heart.

Now then, if you'd like to sign up for Homework Helpers, please do so in the comments section. If you have a particular subject you'd like to volunteer for, please indicate that there.

I'd also like to recognize Icy of TOM AND ICY fame as inspiration in Tali's last story due for school - tomorrow. Tali enjoys following Icy's adventures out in the yard, (as do I) and so named the dog in her story Icy.

The good news may just be that I'll be back in work next week.


Anonymous said...

just knowing you're near is good enough for me, NBFF. okay, that sounds *more* than lame and/or gay, but you know what i mean. i mean... you're a hell of a lot closer NOW than you were last week at this time and so i'm content to wait around until you're good and ready to read/comment/respond/write and/or have lunch. in that order.

carry on.

oh... and i used to be quite good at math, but since 2nd graders are now doing, what, advanced trigonometry, perhaps i could simply offer to bake cookies for the first bake sale? i'm also available to buy gift-wrapping paper when that fund-raiser gets under way. xox

DaBich said...

Isn't it amazing how we seem to need a vacation to get over our vacations? lol
Welcome back and good luck with homework ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's see...homework help I might be able to provide...hmmmm...math? oh god no...spelling? could demonstrate the use of spellcheck (maybe)...uh, geography? I can point to most of the 50 states on a map...well, a majority of them (or pretty close, at least half) (laughing loudly)...hmmm, could probably talk about the value of getting a good education (in very broad, unspecific terms)...oh I know! If Tali ever has an assignment dealing with useless sports trivia (preferrably baseball or football) I'm your man.

Good luck with the school starts...we remember the trauma, excitement (ours not theirs), and overall strain. We're with you in spirit and probably a little glad it's you going through it instead of us. Just saying...honesty and all.

Anonymous said...

Homework help? Oh I love homework. I am the resident go to person here in the neighborhood for Math, French, Psychology and History. They all seem to know better than to ask me for grammar help. I blame it on the bilingual home I grew up in! *LOL* Oh I miss homework. I was a strange kid.

Glad your back from your vacation and I hope that your enjoying the second week off!

FirstNations said...

right here, i gotcher homework help right here:
renaissance history, ancient and medieval literature, and profanity...
those are my specialties.

hey, you never know.

G said...

Just a quick overall - THANKS. I've got you all down for your respective HH - Neves, you're on the bake sale, Joel, sports trivia, cj: French Phsychology, Brian - His-story :), FN: could anyone else come to mind for renaissance history; Brian - sometimes a bagel is just a bagel :).

And for dabich and actonbell - thanks, I always get the knot in my stomach (the one that my daughter doesn't) for first day anythings (nervous kid I was/am).

Actually, I don't know if Icy would like her role. She was a dog in space and their mission was to "housetrain" her. The mission was successful.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. I can so relate with the craziness you must be going through. Good luck with all that and I'm sure your job will be looking more attractive by the minute!

Homework help? If you need Spanish or computer help, I'm your man! Just email me.


Doug The Una said...

G, that was a great idea of Tali's. We all like Tom and Icy.

Believe it or not, Tom used to have another blog called "The Alien Guy" in which Icy has already been in space, and something not completely unlike housebreaking occured. So I'm sure Icy didn't mind Tali's housebreaking at all.

G said...

Pavel: I'm sure with three kids, you can definitely relate. Thank you - I already took the liberty of penciling you in for computer :)

Doug: With Julian resistant to the final stages of potty training (or whatever the pc term is right now), it is natural topic for us.

After your email (which I might add gave me access in looking at things in a new way for story development), Tali had a moment of clarity and we bandied about some ideas and she began writing. She came up with the idea of naming her dog, Icy. She'll be quite excited to hear this connection.

FelineFrisky said...

You are so busy, this can't be a second week of vacation - it can't count! You should be laying in the sun, having Juan refersh your beverage every 30 minutes, and Antonio masaging your shoulders. What happened! lol D :)

G said...

FF: Now you're talking! To be honest, it is not easy being home. I am happy to be here, but working is much easier :)

I've been trying to visit around but I'm so scattered in my comments. Maybe the weekend will give me some free time (although I know not tomorrow).

Miz BoheMia said...

I so understand the commotion that comes with it all! Here's to a smooth transition into their new challenges which I am sure they will overcome just brilliantly!

Here, we are getting ready to pack it all up and once the house sells, move back to SF! So yeah, the whole kids to school and juggling that and packing has us all a little whoozy to say the least! So dear Gina, forgive me in turn if I turn up late to the party for bohemians hold you near and dear to their hearts FO SHO!

Minka said...

It always amazes me how busy people get during their vacations. they are totally done by the end of it and can't wait to get back to work. I am one of them too :)
It becomes relaxing when working routine sets back in!

Carrie said...

With vacations and school, you've been one busy lady!! We started a new school this year and I am learning how to spend my life in carpool.

I actually did quite well in school and I like homework, too. Nerd at heart baby, nerd at heart.

G said...

Brian: That was a beautiful and fitting tribute. I believe his family would be proud.

MizB: Thanks mi amiga, life is settling into its rhythm. Now that's a newsflash - back to SF?!? Wow, good for you. I wish you lots of luck with everything. Must get over to your place and see what's going on. Wish I lived closer to help you pack or take the kids to the park.

Minka: By the way, I saw a lamp named Minka in a catalogue.

Yes there is something to be said for the predicatability of a routine. I think I really will rest when I get back to my office.

Pinky: Yes we're two kids, two new schools in two different boros of NYC. Luckily there's two parents :) But we're transitioning nicely.

Actually, I do love school and projects and assignments. It's only my hyperbole for the benefit of the post. Okay, maybe I was slightly hyperventilating the night before. Because as cool as people often think I handle things (I am a nervous little Nelly at heart). Just the same, I'll take that as an add-on to the Homework Helpers list :)

~ good girl ~ said...

the knot in my stomach is reawakened by the knowledge that the dreaded procrastination gene is embedded in my children's' DNA.

Hehehehehe!!!!! I must have dollops of this special gene too. I like how you've described Julian as the lower gradesman hosting tea parties. Lol!! How very precious :-)

Well, the week's gone by, so hopefully everything has progressed as best it can, incident-free...err...yes, incident-free and full of funny anecdotes that gives warm fuzzies and not heart attacks.

Go get them, Nervous Nelly.

GG xo

Kyahgirl said...

funny how THEIR school makes US so busy!!
hang in there ma'am


G said...

GG: Well, the first week is over and aside from dealing with the few glitches that arose, we're all relaxing on the weekend. Oh and Julian is quite the tea party host. He had also invited the teacher and assistants over for lunch. Hope all is well with you.

Kyah: Isn't that funny how that works out? I'm glad week #1 is under our belts. Now maybe I'll get to do my meme :)

Hobbes said...

I didn't see this before, but I'm up for English and violin homework help. Hope things have settled down now.