Sunday, September 24, 2006

Must be Rosh Hashanah

The crickets are singing some of their last choruses of the summer.
The wind is blowing a nice soft breeze in through the window as I type.

Who shall live and who shall die?

Although the day was warm, the evening breeze is cool and crisp
Foreshadows an autumn nip in the air.

Who shall live and who shall die?

On Rosh Hashanah it is written
On Yom Kippur it is sealed.

And possibility and hope are thick in the air. For we Jewish people, this time of year is very spiritual. No matter your level of observance, I am sure that you can't help but reflect who you need to "get right with", what you may want to change, and then the deal goes down. Your fate is sealed for the next year.

Sort of like applying for a job or making a credit application. Only you wait for the disposition for a whole year. You don't really know until next year now do you? If you know sooner, well - that's not good news.

So if I may, Jewish or not - today may just be the day to think who have I offended, where have I been less than "impeccable with my word" as Don Miguel Ruiz states in the first of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS? ThanksNEVA for that one. And reflect. Alternately, if you go down to a moving body of water and throw some bread crumbs in, you can symbolically have cast your sins upon the water and fed some birds in the process.

Or you could just grumble that it's Monday and grab yourself a TGSL and think about it all on your way to work


Anonymous said...

Yet another beautiful post. I've been sitting here working at planning a birthday party for both of our girls with our friends and family this coming weekend. Last year this time I was in the hospital awaiting the arrival, early of course, of our Gracie. So much has happened in this year, as have the rest - but in looking back on things I am thankful for the beautiful daughter I have been given, the wonderful growth my other daughtes have begun, and stronger marriage between Erick and I. Its been a good year, and I look forward to tomorrow even though it is Monday.

Anonymous said...

i love the 4th of the Four Agreements, "always do your best", and i think it is in that spirit that we work to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

today my "best" is a little pathetic, but it's all i've got. tomorrow perhaps i'll tear up a few extra pieces of bread in order to fatten up a couple more birds, and hope my efforts won't go unnoticed by anyone in the position of judging me. (of course, since my opinion is the first one that's supposed to count, i'll try to give myself a "pass" ... maybe even a pat on the head for the effort.)

i hope you had a beautiful weekend, dear NBFF... oh, and i *adore* the pic of J! i think a blood pressure cuff may be the next 'hot' accessory (does it come in black?)

this post was truly inspired, and absolutely... Impeccable. xoxo

Doug said...

That's a really long list.

I'm curious how this works, is the idea that your sins come due on Rosh Hashannah and by atoning you can save yourself for another year?

Anonymous said...

Hi G! What a wonderful post this was. One doesn't need to be jewish to appreciate the value of reflecting on the need to "get right with" someone with whom you've been less than impeccable. Gosh, for me that would be just about everyone since I fail so often.

I do like the idea of fattening the birds up. (smile)

OH, one more thing. That is one very good looking sharp dressed little man you've got there!


Swampwitch said...

I especially like "the Four Agreements."
1) Be impeccable with your word.
2) Don't take anything personally
3) Don't make assumptions
4) Always do your best.
I guess if anyone is offended (and I can't imagine why they would be) they need to refer to #2 above.

Anonymous said...

Swampwitch: the Four Agreements is one of the most beautiful, powerful and freeing books i've ever read... *especially* when you understand and embrace #2!

(thank you thank you thank you for the sweet "greeting", dear NBFF!)

kefrog: cute verifier! i'm a fan of Kermie, too...

G said...

cj: Thanks cj. So much to be thankful for. And your positive outlook (often it seems in the face of harships endured) is a real inspiration to this lamp. Enjoy your beautiful family and Happy Birthday to the girls!

Neva: Every time I think I have a favorite defining agreement, another strikes me. I love this book for its simplicity and its wisdom. I mentioned the impeccability of our words as that is a strong starting point for reflection. But #2 may just be the beginning and ending point for each of the arguments in my head.

Hope you had a great weekend too! Don't you just think that makes a great accessory? What can I tell you, I'm raising fashion forward kids. xox

Doug: For me or for you? Simply said - yes but for the definition of atonement, you may have to open a different dictionary than Ambrose Bierce's.

Pavelonymous: Thank you amigo. So true on the reflecting Pavel. It is a valuable tool for all of us. It's hard sometimes to look at without rose colored glasses, but we're all the better for such efforts.

He is one good looking sharp dressed man isn't he? I put this picture there mostly so that I could smile all day. He was so proud of being all duded up.

Swampwitch: So true! As I said above that one is a good starting and ending point for me. SO very simple - don't take anything personally. Nice to see your sunflower!

Neva: No - thank you.

G said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Neva! This way it's official that I've wished you it everywhere! :) x0x

FelineFrisky said...

I envy your faith. It's a strong point in your family structure. It's shared, enjoyed as a whole. My faith is waivering. Even in myself. D :)

FirstNations said...

does it work the same if my grandson throws a bagel on the carpet?

that is one good looking kid, g. i like the way in which the insouciant flair of the blue blood pressure cuff sets off the formality of the rest of his ensemble. be styin and profilin!

G said...

FF: D, it's those waivering doubts that fuel our faith which is in many ways a centering force for us, you're right. I hope as you find your voice, your belief in yourself will strengthen. Something I struggle with I think (ha - didn't even realize the irony of that last bit).

FN: Look, as a member of the Flatbutt tribe (which I now just realized may be the Lost Tribe of Israel) I think it counts (we'll overlook for now the lack of body of moving water).

Isn't he though (can't help myself)! Thanks. Insouciant - yessss. Perfect description.

~ good girl ~ said...

Happy New Year, G!! Sorry this is late but hey, we've got many days left to the new year, yes?? :p

May your year be everything you want it to be, G. That these agreements, you may find within yourself already written, waiting merely for your gentle understanding and unfailing hope. And somehow, somehow, we come out the other side exactly the person we knew we would, and wanted, to be. Julian and Tali, Mr Scissors, ups and downs, late nights solitary ponderings, sudden anxious thoughts and unexpected moments of laughing joy...hold on to your heart and breathe a little :-) My bestest wishes xo

you can symbolically have cast your sins upon the water and fed some birds in the process.

- fed some birds?? That freakin' killed me :-) LOLOL!!!


Kyahgirl said...

I love what I learn from you.

G said...

GG: That last bit came from a conversation with Tali. It seems she was rather vexed by something Julian had done (theirs is a true love/annoyance relationship). She suggested that Julian should not only throw crumbs, but a whole challah loaf into the water. I said "Well at the very least, the birds will be happy with our sins". So we too got a laugh.

Thanks for your good wishes, never late here. I love your fast forward through my thoughts - quite perfect really. xox

G said...

Ah Kyah! We crossed paths. I love that you learn anything from me! So great to see you as always.


DaBich said...

I love the Four Agreements. Never heard of them ,but the are powerful!!!

What a handsome man you have there :)

brian said...

Morning QG,

My brain hurts or I would have been by earlier. Thank you for sharing you faith and the sharp dressed man. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post...sage're sounding very wise and grownup these days is everything alright? kinda scary :-)

G said...

db: I just read (still have a few pages to go in fact) on The Four Agreements. I highly recommend it as a simple reminder of how to better deal with day to day emotions/life. Thank you :)

Brian: Firstly, sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully you'e feeling better soon. And thank you for coming by.

Joel: I'm sure I'm inspired by the "higher ups". Don't worry, it never lasts long :)

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! I will seal away all th negativity into the boxes that I pack, taping them away forever!!! Bwahahahaha! Uh-oh! Does this mean I can't unpack once I get to SF then? Hmmm.... change of plans...


As always, beautiful words my dear Gina... YES the Four Agreements is brilliant and thank you Neva on that one from me too!

May you have had a beautiful celevration and many a simply amazing new year be in store for you and yours!

As for Julain! Ooooh que guapo! Beautiful little man!

G said...

MizB: We can't have any negative energy travelling back to San Francisco - leave it all there in Spain! Thank you for you sweet and kind words - for the year and my beautiful little man :)

Minka said...

There are two or three I might have offended. Sometimes my tngue is fater than my brain can stop it from blurting stuff out.
I have a quick mouth and with that such a tool of inflicting pain.
I feel good at the moment of having spoken my mind, but an hour later I wonder if it was necessary.
I have to make amends!

Minka said...

uh...also...the four agreements have mad eit to my home as well and I know where youa re ocming from with this :)

Minka said...

and what is TGSL? I just need to know!

G said...

Minka, I've gotten better at the putting my brain in reverse before going back into first gear and responding. I can tell you it's a good feeling when I do. I don't always though. I am enjoying The FOur Agreements. I can only say what i know of you and that is I always enjoy your comments wherever I see them - witty and direct. So please don't change that.

TGSL: That's Starbucksian for Triple Grande Skim Latte.

Anonymous said...

looks like a custom-tailored Brooks Bros. Special. Goin' to visit Grandma? Love, Pat

G said...

Haha - actually a nice fine quality hand-me-down French suit I beg your brooks pardon.

We were off to the synagogue and then to Grandma's actually.

He reminds me of Mick Jagger in the first British invasion years - suit and all (much cuter of course). Think it's the haircut.

xox G

Hobbes said...

So (relatively) easy to do for a few days, so hard to keep up throughout the year. I am not questioning the depth of anyone's faith or commitment, but just stating my experience of trying to get right. . . .

Hobbes said...

P. S. When my son dresses up like that we say he is in his "daddy clothes." He is very proud to wear them.

G said...

Weirsdo - So right. I don't think - for me anyway, that faith makes me a person who can do this year round or even during these ten days. It's difficult and we're human. But it does give me the source from which to once again try when I don't and to not be so hard on myself or those around me.

Julian too - that was our song surrounding around how handsome he was and how much he looked like Daddy to lure him into the suit. He was quite pleased with himself.

Unknown said...

That's all fine. What, however, do you think about Obadiah Shoher's criticism pf Rosh Hashanah as aholiday that has nothing to do with New Year? Here, for example