Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best of '06

This is just a quick little toss off post which ties into the one that I'm doing in Central Snark today - sort of a best of 2006 in Music, for my little weekly Saturday Spin. I mean it's all a matter of taste, I just love combing these lists for artists that I don't know and checking them out.

This link is to a non-commercial radio station that I have mentioned here before - and it is the listeners' polled favorites. I think some of mine are missing, let me go take umbrage with this list while you get us a cup of coffee and we'll meet back here.

Anyway, the link is HERE

Enjoy your day and Happy Almost New Years ~ WooHoo!


Anonymous said...

great links great picks GREAT POST! (this one and most certainly the one on Central Snark!)

lovelovelove it and YOU, my friend! oh, and while i'm in this "lovelovelove" mode, Happy Happy New Year NBFF, may 2007 be filled with nothing but love, joy, health, and great music! (okay, maybe a few other things can go in there, too, but you catch my drift!) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That's quite the eclectic list, I must say. I would nominate Yo La Tengo's "I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass" as song title of the year hands down. It's funny...their music doesn't exactly bring to mind visions of ass-kicking but I guess that's the irony of it all.

I we speak...listening to snippets of those I haven't aleady heard courtesy iTunes.

Happy New Year Lampy G.

Anonymous said...

Neva & Joel: Excuse my answering together, but you know you are two peas in a pod. Glad you liked. Joel, I love that song title and will have to hear it now! That is so going to be stuck in my head for the afternoon.

I wish you both the best walks, talks, lattes and all things good and pleasing to you in the New Year. Love ya, XOX ~ G

Anonymous said...

Will come back for the links, but just wanted to take a second to wish you a Happy Happy New Year and a Wonderful 2007.

DaBich said...

Happy New Year, G lady, and thanks for visiting me :)

ann said...

Wishing you and yours a very very Happy New Year and may you all be blessed with the very best in 2007

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Doug The Una said...

Happy New Year, G!

Kyahgirl said...

Happy new year to a very special friend!

Anonymous said...

happy New Year. Amos Lee, Dion and Dylan yes. Paul Simon sounded the same on each song. Or so I thought

G said...

Swampy: Thanks for stopping in and Happy and Healthy New Year to you. ~ LWTLSOHH

db: My pleasure and a truly happy new year to you too.

Thank you Ann and the very same to you and yours. xox

Happy New Year to you too Doug!

Kyahgirl: Same to you dear friend.

Pia: Happy New Year. Thanks for the assessments.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow ! I told you I would be back. It's been a busy day. So glad you posted the list. It's great ! Can't wait to head to iTunes tomorrow with the iPod. Thank You!

G said...

Cindra: Right back at ya, sister. and a big MWAH to you!

Swampy! You go girl and enjoy!