Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Who Am I?

I've been mulling lately. What exactly am I writing about? Should I be more edgy, more direct? Blog about something. But what? Change my style. Did I have a style to begin with? It's sort of barraging me at every turn. As I look at my profile I see "a blog about simplicity and the maddening search therein". That's it! That's what I'm talking about, did I mean that when I wrote it? Maybe. Is that what my blog is about...or is that what I'm about? Do I convey that in my writing? Oh I'm rambling - maybe my blog should be called Rantings of a Loon.

You know, I've heard my absolutely most favorite lyrics in a song that I've heard in I don't know how long and they are "Maybe it's not that you burn out, but that you finally just endure". I won't give away by whom just yet as I may use him on one of my Saturday Spins on CENTRAL SNARK. So do we just endure and keep doing something? Whether it's blogging on the most superficial level or to work, or on the deepest human levels, to marriage or to parenting. I don't mean this in a depressed way, but sometimes we just endure something and we sail along into the everyday rhythm of it and that's not terrible. Anyway those lyrics just killed. Absolutely great.

So this is my...drumroll please - 100th post! Maybe that's what has me all milestonistically introspectively looking through the blogoscope. I want to have something worth sharing, I'd like to get back to what that is. It's just hard to define sometimes. Do you really want another funny smart ass 30something, okay, okay 40something year old blogger dishing about their life? There's a lot of them or us out there.

Maybe I'll just keep it simple or go mad trying.


Anonymous said...

Happy 100 Posts, my dear and oh-so-perfectly profound NBFF. Who are you? don't get me started... it'll take way too much space, and you'll start blushing, then i'll start crying, and we'll both look like idiots, and... well... not sure that's the image you're going for on this milestone post.

you are who you are. and there's no one else in the Blogosphere and/or on this planet like you. and that, my friend, is a very good thing, and something i, for one, have celebrated every single wonderful day since i've known you. (yeah yeah... pass the tissue. there i go again, gettin' all verklempt...) xoxox

G said...

Okay, tawk amongst yourselves! Oh it's just us actually, then waaah, that was beautiful NBFF! Thank you. Maybe that's what I'm thinking about - the people who we touch, who touch us and you're high on that list. I guess this time of year lends to the introspection.

Anyway, thanks for your sweet words and you're as grand an NBFF as a girl could ask for. xox

Anonymous said...

Happy 100! Very cool.

We all feel like that sometimes. You are a lively, lovely and I'm not just paying you lip service or anything like that. It's just some post holiday blah you got going on. It'll pass, some dickweed will piss you off on the interstate and you'll write a passionate post about the demise of chivalry and brain cells in 20 something men...

Hugs, darlin'.

Al said...

Everybody elses' blogs look, umm, a little greener now and then, don't they?

If you're asking, I like yours. Its about you. Where else can I get that?

Happy 100th, G. Quite a milestone!

Sweet and Salty said...

It's funny you should write this. I was considering writing a post for tomorrow about why I blog and whether my blogging is of interest to anyone, including myself. You know, one of those introspective things... Kinda like this post!

G, there is only one of you in your unique situation with your unique perspective on things. You cannot help but colour your posts with your vision of things and I have a feeling we will all find it interesting/amusing/fun whether you write about your daily life, or 100 ways to fry green tomatoes...

Congrats on your 100 and may there be many more...

G said...

Cindra: May I borrow that as a post title? "The demise of chivalry in dickweeds" - has a nice ring. Hugs to you too and thanks.

Al: That's it - the blog is always greener syndrome. Yet I don't even think that that's what I meant when I wrote it. More what I want to express myself. And I like your blog too!

Pavel: Sounds very familiar; indeed, I hope you do write it. I guess we all get tired of our own point of view at times. But thank you.

Al said...

Cindra and G: I've heard of these "dickweeds"... What do you have to plant to grown one?

G: are you feeling as though you've blogged yourself into a corner with your previous posts? Is there something you'd like to write about in Post 101 that you think may not "fit" with your first 100?

Whatever, go ahead. You've already demonstrated yourself to be a very competent and highly creative writer. If there's a side to G she'd like to redirect her prodigious talents to reveal, go ahead, we can take it.

And, in the (HIGHLY unlikely) event we don't like it, we'll just ask for our subscription money back. ;-)

G said...

Sorry Al, non-refundable.

Al said...

If that's the "new side" of yourself you're struggling with revealing, G, I've got a news flash for ya... it ain't new. In fact, "Smartass G" dolls were a hot seller this Christmas.

robkroese said...

I love introspection. Hell, it beats extrospection. Who wants to look at all the crap outside of me? Not me, I'll tell you that much.

Happy 100!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Congratulations! Here's to another 100 more!

ann said...

mazal tov boobela... a hundred. Hmm... as they say, ad meah v'esrim... won't be long

you know your blog is about you and what you want to write, not about us and what we want to read.

I love your blog, but you don't have to endure it, you have to enjoy it... if it's an endurance test you want I volunteer you take my mother to Israel next time.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that it's your hundredth post. Mazel Tov.

I grow more and more in awe of your talents all the time
The way you introduced your husband--sheer genius and you just keep getting better.

You have an edge--think a young Erma Bombeck with varieties of wit. I do.

I'm seeing Gov't Mule tomorrow and got into them after something you wrote, on Central Snark which obviously serves a great purpose.

Only listen to FUV but not enough. So you influenced a $50.50 purchase, a night not spent at a hair salon party, coincedentally that I didn't want to go to because I'm seeing them all at a dinner party the next night, and half New Years, so, uh, thank you very much.

You allowed this to happen. I can walk to a concert three blocks from my house in a great concert hall, instead of going to a party I don't want to go to.

There was a reason that you read that issue of the LIP, and it might just be, very partially, that I get to go to a concert three blocks from my house.

It very definitely was meant for us to meet, and you met Neva right away, and now I'm getting to know her.

Blogging makes so many things possible and your blogging has become essential reading for me.

I say blogging as your writing is very revealing. You make you and your family come so so alive.

That's wonderful writing.

Sorry for the length, I'm so proud of you. And very very greatful

Anonymous said...

You mean we're supposed to have a style? Our blogs are supposed to mean something...uh oh.

As for you Lampy G...all I can tell you is this: When I find the time to sit down and read a few blogs "Simply Said" is among the first of the mouse clicks. It's real, it's entertaining, interesting, and I always seem to learn something. Don't know if that's what you're going for but...just saying.

Happy 100! Looking forward to 101.

Doug The Una said...

I want to say everything Al and Actonbell both said.

I do think life asks for accomodation and gets in spite of our stinginess. I also think Actonbell is a great example, though, for what seems to maybe be your dilemma. Blogging about life means describing chaos and that's true without the spouse and the kids.

If you feel like you want a blog with a theme and direction, you could add another to this one and noodle around with themes or purposes to hold that blog to. And here you can write about male flora.

G said...

Al: It's got a nice ring that does. Hmmm.... I know your kids are older, but I hope you got them one.

Diesel, So very well put - thank you for that insight as always. And just well, thanks.

Malnurtured Snay: Thank you and welcome to my humble abode.

Ann: Thanks Ann, won't be long at all. I'm still laughing at the visual of you schlepping and your mom enjoying soufgoniyot. Thank you so much Ann, I enjoy your visits. xox

Pia: Thanks, you're a real blogging sister and mentor and I appreciate all of your encouragement from our first exchanged emails up to now.

I don't know what I expected from blogging, actually my expecations were pretty low. So in many ways, it was not difficult to exceed them. But connecting with the "cover pinup from the LI Press" and jumping into blogging as a result and meeting so many great people, well, I'll say that's pretty good. The fact that I write a little piece or talk about music and you end up at a concert, is pretty amazing to me (actually Scissors passed on this Govt. Mule show but his friend is going).

Don't apologize for the length (she said :), I so appreciate you as a blogger and as a person. Thanks.

Actonbell: Thanks, I know I always enjoy reading about yours. And thanks.

Joel: Don't worry - your blog has and it does! I really wasn't fishing for compliments, but those are pretty nice words. Thanks Joel.

Doug, I may write about various topics, but I highly doubt male flora will ever be one of them. But you never know.

That was just a very well put comment and I shall think on it, particularly the "blogging about life means describing chaos". So true. I'm not really a theme park kind of gal, just ruminating, kicking up some dust. Thanks for your input though.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh Neva said it best FO SHO and I agree with it all...

As for me, I would say just be you because I, for one, love you and come here for you and all things you and no matter the writing style or the subject it is those peeks into you that have me entranced and coming back for more.

The words and the subjects and the style may change and evolve and dance around a bit here and there, as it happens with us all and I am not saying that is what I necessarily see but simply that it is how it is with us humans, but you are the constant that shines through brilliantly so DON'T YOU DARE leave or I will be crushed and I WILL DIE!


So keep on blogging the blogging that you blog so well so I can ooh and aaah dammit!

he, he, heee! :-)

Neshikot to one faboo woman much loved by bohemians everywhere, EVERYWHERE I TELL YOU, especially this one!

Logophile said...

That Dan can sing, no?
(in a Dory voice)
Just keep blogging,
just keep blogging

And hey! what do you have against smart assed 30 somethings?!

Dan said...

G, instead of trying to "define" yourself, and pigeon-holing yourself, why not just let yourself evolve? It's tough to evolve if you feel constrained by a definition.

Write about whatever you feel like writing about. Just let the ideas come and the words flow. If you want to write a poem one day, do it. If you want to just grunt the next do, just do it.

Does that make any sense?

ann said...

the week has gone by already, so just popped in to say Shabbat Shalom to you and yours

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

FirstNations said...

this is the you show. write whatever you want and i'll read it.
yes i will.

elvira black said...

Happy 100th, G! I've only just discovered your blog, but whatever your style is, I likey.

G said...

MizB: The last thing I would do is crush or kill you and I am not going anywhere (that sounds stagnant)! But you are so right - it's all an evolutionary process and we just have to go through it to grow and learn about ourselves.

Neshikot to one faboo bohemian who lamps just love too!

logo: He can indeed (oh you're good, girl - that was sly alright). And some of my best friends are smart assed 30 somethings.

Dan: This is one of my soul searches for as I really am not one to pigeonhole anyone, no less myself (although it does sound as if I am ay?). I'm just thinking aloud. But what you say makes a lot of sense and really it helps to see it in writing (I'm a visual learner). Thanks.

Ann: Shabbat Shalom and lots of luv to you too.

fn: Ooh my very own show, now that I like! ;)

ElviraBlack: Thank you and I yours.

Tom & Icy said...

Variety is the spice of life. It's always a pleasure to read the different things you think of because we are like that, too. Life is dynamic.

G said...

It truly is. Thanks Tom&Icy - it's truly a pleasure to see you out and about.

DaBich said...

Lord, where does the time go! Congrats on 100!!

Kyahgirl said...

I love it when you get all introspective G :-)
what ever you care to write about is whatever I want to read about. You're unique.

♥ ♥

G said...

db: Indeed, seems like just yesterday...

Kyahgirl: Thanks, that's really a nice thing to say. And you are uniquely you :) xox

Hobbes said...

Happy 100th.
Do I really want another . . . ? Yes indeed, as many as possible, can never have too many of us.

G said...

Weirsdo, Ultimately I have to agree.