Monday, October 29, 2007

A Touch of Lace

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I love best friends.

Jennifer and I have known each other - our whole lives. Well, more accurately she and her family moved into the neighborhood when we were about five years old and have been making deals over charms collections ever since.

I love her because she is the most straightforward person I know. She is also a borderline hypochondriac in the most lovable way. She calls and says "I think I might be dying." I will answer "We all are Jennifer. Do I get first pick of your jewelry?" We talk all the time - every day or so. We don't get together as often as we'd like and that's our own fault.

There were six of us - three sets of sisters who grew up playing dolls, roller skating, talking about boys, riding our bikes to the library, etc. We grew older and went our separate ways. One to California, one to Texas, one to Florida, one to Pennsylvania and two in New York - Jennifer and me. We've all stayed in touch, some better than others (she said as she looked meekly around). Thankfully Jennifer lives in Brooklyn and I in Queens and we talk all the time from work.

She never reads my blog and could not be bothered. Not because she doesn't like how I write, on the contrary. She thinks with my family's colorful history, I certainly have a good story to tell. I never tell that one. It's a long one and well where to begin? At the beginning...

The girl child was born on a hot July day. Before there was routine use of air conditioning, before people thought to seek relief in any other way but on the stoop or in front of a fan, with a little cornstarch powder on your neck. Now that was luxury. She was the seventh child born to this family and that in and of itself should have been a good sign. Her mother is fond of telling her that her hair was a strawberry blonde that people would often remark upon. That and the space between her front teeth. Mr. Burns would look at that space and say with certainty that she would be a singer. Mr. Burns is probably rolling over in his grave.

We moved to the small town where I grew up in 1963. The dates are fuzzy in my mind, but Jennifer moved there shortly thereafter. That's a long time to have such a wonderful friend.

Life's pretty good, I guess.

PS: Hey Jenn, they really like chocolate too. Just saying.


Doug The Una said...

Are you ever tempted to use your birth on a hot day as an excuse?

Jennifer sounds like a great friend, but she oughtta come down off her high horse and say hello.

You're right. Lace is in the air.

G said...

Doug, with so many other excuses, I never felt the need.

As Jennifer emailed me and I quote, "and please tell Doug the chances of me getting off my high horse are not good."

But I agree - what's so hard about leaving a bloody comment?! Come on, Jenn.

Mother Theresa said...

You are so lucky! I am only in touch with two of my childhood friends, and I haven't heard from one of them in months. The last time I saw either one of them was almost 15 years ago. Oh, and if Jenn wants to give your blogger buds some chocolate, that would be okay with them. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am one of the 6, the hypocondriac's sister! And I cherish every moment of our youth and beyond! Love ya lots and will see you soon!

robkroese said...

Aww, that's sweet. I'm still in touch with my best friend from 30 years ago. He goes by the name "Glacial Spain" on my blog. He's the one that occasionally posts embarrassing childhood pics of me.

Ariel the Thief said...

You guys. There are friends you are sure of whether they do or not do something for you. That's good!

Yeah, they are good at laces and chocolate. They use too much cocoa, though. Their chocolate tastes too real, you kow? :-)

G said...

Theresa, I am indeed. It's hard for you I imagine as you probably grew up in a couple of different places it sounds like (did I make that up?) The benefit of being planted in the crummy little town that we grew up in was our friendships.

I'll share it if I can get some out of her.

Kitty, it's sort of like a LittleRascals episode. I have nothing but fond memories of my friends and hours spent whiled away with you guys. As Patrick said here one time, "there was the six of you and we just tried to figure out some way to infiltrate, but never could." He might have tried not teasing us. Love you too and good work on starting "the get together" rolling. XOX

Diesel, I know Glacial Spain as your childhood friend - you can even tell with the comments. Something so special about that. Aww, gimme a hug you big lug.

Ariel, so true. "We're", meaning hypocondriac's sister above, are planning a weekend get together hopefully in the near future for a reunion. It will be a blast.

I think I recall that about the Belgian chocolate that I've tasted. Okay, they can keep their stinking chocolate. Never mind Jennifer.

Doug The Una said...

Tell Jenn for me that for every high horse there's a low branch.

TLP said...

The post is wonderful. But I'm also very much enjoying the comments!

It is difficult to climb down from a high horse. She could just try jumping.

G said...

Haha Doug and TLP - let her have it!

I have forwarded your comments (including that of her own sister) and asked: "Would it be so hard for you to leave a stinking comment I ask."

Her response:

"Yes it would. I prefer to remain the subject of the discussion. I have no interest in this blogging stuff. Doug really has it in for me."

I assured her that her suspicion was ineed founded.

G said...

Oh and Kathy, message from your sister:

"Borderline hypochondriac if you don’t mind."


Nessa said...

You are very lucky to have such a good and long friendship.

Anonymous said...

I agree you're lucky. I've lost touch with my childhood best friend. But my husband rediscovered his when we got married, and I've become good friends with his wife, so that was nice.

tsduff said...

Three sets of sisters - how cool is that? I have fun with my own 3 (used to be 4) sisters.... (poor brother Scott didn't count 'cause he was just a brother) yes, big family here too (6 kids) can't imagine more fun than a combined cluster of sisses.... I LOVE that lace. Must be a girl thing.

G said...

Nessa, it really is a gift. We know it, too.

Weirsdo, that's nice to rediscover a friend. I sometimes think about that, so many people who pass through our lives. But new friends are good too!

Terri, we had our own built in playpals for all of our younger years.

My family goes - 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Of course, my Irish twin, Roni was my partner in crime with the other two sets of sisters. A combined cluster of sissies indeed - what could be beter?

I love this little bookmark too.

Minka said...

Lace is beautiful. Tempting, but beautiful.

The friends that stick with you after decades, well those are hard to come by. Jenn sounds like good oak to me. Glad the two of you have each other.

strawberry blond hair and a singing voice...I heard you sing, nobody would turn in their grave for that! :)

G said...

Minka, just missed you there my dear!

Yes, lace is all of that. She is good oak - stubborn (but so am I although she may be more s0) - each in our own way - how's that? I believe I took grammatical liberties in the previous sentence - too tired to think it through.

Maybe be a bit agitated perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I think I might get first dibs on Jennie's jewlery

Love, Gaby :)
(the hypocondriac's neice)

G said...

Well my dear Gaby - won't take a bright button like you long to calculate the time travel from Queens to Brooklyn as a sight faster than from Florida :)

PS: Your aunt prefers "borderline" hypochondriac.