Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If it's Tuesday...

there must be something new to show you.

Via one of my favorite home/design blogs, Apartment Therapy, I offer an alternative to crashing on relatives' couches or costly hotel stays whilst work (or in this case, fumigation) is being taken care of in your home. Pia, are you listening?

Comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff of the Colbert Report has moved into Ikea for a week and is documenting his stay here, fittingly titled, MARK LIVES IN IKEA.

Hope this has been helpful because if it's Tuesday, there must be something new to show you!

Never mind that it's almost Wednesday.

FOOTNOTE: You don't have to look like Stephen Colbert to work for him, but it helps!

UPDATE: Tali and I called Ikea this evening to speak to Mark. We first went to a national call center and asked to be transferred to the Paramus store which we were after assuring the call center we needed to speak to somebody in Office Furniture. We got to an operator and we asked for Mark. We were a little surprised when they put us right through...to Mark's assistant. Needing a reason to call Mark, I asked to speak to him and was told he wasn't able to come to the phone right now. "ohhh" I replied "we were interested in a sleep sofa of Ikea's and was wondering if he might test them out and let us know which he thinks is best."

"That's a great question" she chimed (read - mollified me. But she didn't know that I was mollifying her mollifying me). "Why don't you come on down and visit."

"Well I just might." I replied.

And I just may. But you know with things like work and school, it would be a real effort to go to Paramus, NJ. Let me call Mark. I wonder if he's sleeping yet...


Doug The Una said...

Is this a new Tuesday spin? I just saw that this morning. Good call on Malkoff looking like Colbert. I didn't know he worked there.

G said...

For this week - yes. I just make it up as I go along, real noncomittal like.

They could be brothers, almost.

Nessa said...

I just saw this on the news this morning. Does this mean that everyone who loses his home can move into a department store?

Anonymous said...

Homes? People have homes, not non worked on construction sites?

I called my contractor to see where he and his worker were.

He texted me saying that he's very sick but will be here tomorrow. I texted him back and told him not to come tomorrow

His wife left him on New Years Eve for her dread locked cousin. I think I have a new law "never really trust a Jewish man of 41 in dreadlocks"

I am probably going to have the most public nervous breakdown the blogosphere has ever seen

Ariel the Thief said...

And he sleeps in his glasses. Good scout!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

OMG, that would be a nightmare. I can hardly stand to be in Ikea for 2 hours. I can't imagine the torture of having to live there for a week!

Mark did a great job with that though. Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

wowie wow wow. very cool, girlfriend. and no, i'm not the least bit upset by the fact you didn't offer up this post for the Snark for, say, Thursday. why do you ask?

*grumbles about having to write under the influence of cold medications/blows nose/passes out at desk*

Nessa said...

I think you should post the number so we can all call him and say you sent us.

Claire said...

You called Mark? How funny. Even funnier that a dude living in IKEA needs an assistant. Does she tuck him in at night? Make his Starbuck's run?

G said...

Nessa, if you're funny and it will bring people in, I'll bet. It could be a whole new brand of advertising.

Pia, if they say that, they're lying. That's a good law to live by - probably a trustafarian. The lowest form of rasta-wanna-bes. You are holding it together in the midst of your breakdown, I must commend you :)

Ariel, he is a good scout. Do you sleep in yours?

Jeff, spoken like a true male (sorry). I love Ikea and wanted to go hunt Mark down but alas, I do have a life in which I do not get paid to do funny odd things. Ah tis a shame.

He did, didn't he?

Neva, I think you'll like Mark (knowing your affection for Colbert). The cold medications only bring out the even fuunier side of you. Come on now.

Nessa, he's there until Saturday (which to my daughter's chagrin is "not a full week.!" You may reach him by dialing 201.843.1881 and asking for the Paramus location, then ask for Mark! Tell him G sent ya!

Claire, yes I called Mark because I am just slightly left of center and have not evolved beyond my adolescent self in many ways :)

No, but the security guard did (really watch the video if you have a chance, it was too funny).

Mmm Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

heh... by now i'd expected to find an update of the "update"! just saying... hearing Tali chant "I want to go see Mark" in the background while you and i were on the phone led me to believe that might actually happen!

funnier when i'm sick, you say? heh... guess i'm like Phoebe on Friends, in that regard (Monika will know what i'm talkin' about).

or not... ; )