Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If it's Tuesday...

I've got nothing.

Well, I've got plenty of nothing. My computer is on the way to crashing - is that possible, or does it just crash all at once? I can't access anything signed in under my sign-in and so can't get at my pictures/files/basically the G Manifesto that's being developed as you sleep. The volume rises of its own volition like a scene from High Anxiety.

It all goes back to my glaring disregard for all things technology. Do I have anything backed up? Well on a To-Do list somewhere I am very sure.

I'm just a bit tired lately. I've done precious little writing, even less blogging and a lot of time feeling that I'm on a treadmill (which I can assure you I have not been - read previous post for exercise alternatives) going nowhere fast.

I'm not sure when the haze set in. I feel as if there are things that I need to get up on my roof with a megaphone and start shouting "Hey you - thinking it's all about you who has two kids! Yeah you! Wake up, as you've spent their entire life not caring for them! Yes you." I can assure you this is not self directed as (and not to give myself a pat on the parental back), but I have spent precious little time thinking of anything else but being a good parent since my kids came into this world. Not always to our own glowing reviews, but I know that Scissors and I give it our all. No, this is someone, I - know.

"Oh, hey you! Thinking that life is hopeless. I'm reading up on slavery as Tali studies in school. You want hopeless - imagine being in their place. Yeah you!"

"Oh here comes the one I've been waiting for - yeah you! You. The ones who send me emails enticing me to school functions with the promise of "250 of NYC's most influential moms." Influential, you say? Where do you stand on ProChoice? Where do you stand on Darfur? What stands of the candidates are you interested in? Oh, silly me - not that kind of influential! Riight."

I overheard the query of a Dad at a recent school function to another Mom in the class about the daughter's coat. "No, not that Peppie Le Precocious - My Sweet Little Skunk, the other French brand. Is that what you call influential? I thought so. I'm not influenced, I'm nauseated. Yeah you!"

Sooo, with all of this angst and nowhere to place it, oh wait a hot NYC influential parent moment (yes QUEENS is part of NYC) - I have a blog!

I'm a blogger!

And as Joe E. Brown replied in Some Like it Hot...oh wait, if it's Tuesday (never mind that will change in one hour) - there must be something new to show you (or in this case something that never gets old):


tsduff said...

I was so excited and relieved to see that you too haven't posted here in a week... until I noticed that that was LAST Tuesday... today is a brand spanking new post for you. Sigh. Good for you. I've been in the biggest slump I think since I began this strange thing called blogging. My computer at home is still busted, I'm no longer fit to handle a camera (my brand new camera won't be back from the shop for TWO MONTHS!!!!!) which means no good pictures from Chicago...Well, good for you G that you managed to break the lethargy (HA, as if that very word is even in your vocabulary... ha ha ha) and hit the keyboard again. How on earth you find the time and energy to do it while raising two lovely, engaging children AND a husband among other things is beyond me. Okay, I'm moping and depressed, but hey, I've got no excuse whatsoever. I need a break - elementary school level you know... LOL

Doug The Una said...

By golly, you're a blogger, one of my favorites, and by golly, have something to say when you have the energy to say it.

This reminds me, for those of you who don't know about RSS, I know, it's magic and here's why: You get notification when the blogs you can subscribe to have no posts which means no more going to people's blogs to see if they've posted and then giving up and finding out later you missed three. here's what this means to you: No guilt for rare posts. It's like when Louie hears you fill his bowl. Serendipity every time!

That said, the video link didn't work and I've met Tali. She can raise herself the rest of the way so work it out, woman!

Nessa said...

Being a good parent is always tiring. Paying attention to your children and not their clothes labels will wear you out. You do eventually get more time and energy back. Be kind to yourself and back off on the self-made responsibilities and pressure.

Doug: I spent all day yesterday loading everyone onto Google Reader and now I get wonderful little popups telling me when you all post. It is pure loveliness and saves so much time.

Tom & Icy said...

Wonder if there is such a thing as the post-holidays blues?

Ariel the Thief said...

"going nowhere fast"? Self-reproach is bad.

The end of that movie always makes me sigh, "Oh what a man, even the balls of his fiance cannot change his love!"

Anonymous said...

I am sure you feel so much better now that you have let it all out...well most of it anyway.
I so can relate...I went into a couple of slumps of blogging in the past year...both times when I was sick but felt I had so much that I wanted to share...just to tired mentally and physically to do any blogging...then when I thought everything was up and go the computer and blogger started acting up.
The way you write makes even your angst writing skills have been so lax lately that I got the same as Terry my blog it seems is Elementary School Level...hey!!! don't we get points for reading blogs like Yours, Doug's and Nessa's?...which I am sure are all Genius level.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

That's not true at all... you've got Wessonality!

Actually I have no idea what that even means but for some stupid reason that just popped into my head.

Hope your funk dissipates soon... :-)

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year. The holidays are over, and all of us lesser, non-influential moms are back to our responsibilities.

Claire said...

Well, there's the post holiday slump and I'm sure you are still grieving for your mom. That's a lot to take and then turn around and have to hear that PTA bullshit. People who care more about flash than substance are extremely annoying. Hey it's your blog so rant away, dahling! It always makes me feel better.

G said...

I just wanted to come back and say thank you all for your kind words and support. I read these comments after this post was done and they helped lift me out of my funk.

Who says blogging can't be therapetuic?