Monday, June 02, 2008

Does Anyone Have a Valium?

I know, I these days of medication being the norm, I should have my own prescription. I do, just not Valium. I should look into it - probably sooner than later. Especially in light of the fact that I came home from work, picked up Scissors fresh from steroid injections at the doctor for his never ending back pain that he's been facing, my MIL, and Julian to head into Manhattan to Tali's school for yet another celebration which in and of itself should be nice. My gut instinct tells me otherwise.

Below are just a few reasons why cortisol was shooting out of my ears by the end of the evening. It went something like this:

- MIL is looking at her watch 5 minutes into performance.
- Julian making a friend with whom he becomes so close, they're already up to rassling on the floor during the Rabbi's speech.
- MIL declaring "I didn't even hear Tali." This after Tali just finished performing leading one of the songs with a classmate in which they both had solos. I left out the part about mike malfunction and just mutter "I have it on tape."
- We leave the school after the reception to moody MIL who was ready to leave once Tali sang (which she didn't hear, did I mention?).
- Julian sees a dog on the street and tries to make a beeline to pet. We are on a crowded Manhattan street so I attempt to guide him towards the car instead. He rebels by lying on the sidewalk which makes MIL turn pale.
- Make it to car to realize Tali has left her violin in school (stop me anytime if you need a Valium too)..
- leave crew there and run back to school to collect violin. Overcome urge to sprint down the subway steps instead.
- get back to car and pack the sorry lot into vehicle and head home.

I'll spare you the car trip with MIL's stony silence, Julian hooting out the window at garbage trucks and Scissors grimacing and groaning over every dent in the road.

At this juncture, I'm happy to have my sanity although I'm sure that is a relative term.

How did your week start off? Here's to Tuesday.



Doug The Una said...

Um, pretty good, I guess. Wanna go halfsies?

Claire said...

My friends call me 'the pharmacy' -I'll fix ya right up. Then we can put our feet up and enjoy a little tea 'n Bailey's. Sound good?
Some days just suck, don't they?

Ariel the Thief said...

You worn girl! Relax now, that was just a typical school event... Can I join in the tea and Bailey's?

tsduff said...

"reaching for the little blue pill bottle right now LOLOLOL!!!!!"...
Oh, my, so may funny ("truly I'm laughing WITH you") things of note you bring up... ha ha ha ha ha you just made my evening all over the place. Been there, done that, and you describe it so well. Only difference is my MIL didn't live anywhere near us, and so we were spared such airs. The rest is like yesterday in my memory, especially the duet. Do you have any of it on tape? I don't, but I wish I did. I figure after sitting through 3 childrens' shennagins for all those 4th grade up through high school concerts, producing one professional band director out to the bunch isn't bad :) I'm tired now, after reading yours ;)

Sweet and Salty said...

If you get some, can you share? lol.. Sheesh, that would drive anybody else to drink!

Don't you just love it when it's so crazy that you wonder if it's worth turning back to get what one of the kids left behind?

I feel for you...

G said...

Doug, glad to hear it - here's your half.

Claire, sounds good to me! Move on over.

Ariel, sure - come prop your feet up with us!

Terry, I know you are laughing with me as someone who has been in the trenches. I do have it on tape on my digital camera which does video. Our actual video camera is apparently for "really" special events (read lazy parents). A professional band leader! I'm proud for you - that's really something. Now come have a seat with us and relax.

Pavel, I know - I hesitated and in my head wanted to yell "get in the car - we'll rent another violin!" I'll be happy to share once Claire opens up the pharmacy :)

Anonymous said...

At least the violin is safe.

G said...

Weirsdo, there's that. It's no half million dollar instrument, but we don't need any excuses not to practice.

Mother Theresa said...

Was feeling like that a few weeks ago, but now we're mostly finished and ready to slide into the summer. Take a deep breath and relax. I think maybe you need a good bubble tea (and someplace to hide). ;)

Anonymous said...

Was going to say I will give you a little blue pill when I see you when I come to NY to sleep in my bed, go to doctors and a high school graduation

I can visualize your m-i-l. You portray her so well it's achingly funny

The last five letters of my word verfication "savny" I think that means something as you are and I still am but I'm not sure what

robkroese said...

MIL sounds like a real charmer.

G said...

Mother Theresa! You just gave me the perfect prescription - thank you! You have a good memory, too! :)

Pia, don't think I won't take you up on it! Hah! I know that you know of what I speak. Oy.

Savny? That's a good one!

Diesel, yeah she's well, yeah. You can't really take her anywhere ;)

G said...

It's not that alcohol isn't alluring as well :)

Anonymous said...

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