Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today's band is Nada Surf. The song in the video is Whose Authority from their latest record, Lucky which according to their record company is "filled with songs of restlessness, longing and the elusiveness of love." No wonder I have a vague feeling of anxiety or perhaps wistfulness listening to them. Actually, I like the breezy feeling of this song and NYC as a backdrop always works for me.


Their space:

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Doug The Una said...

Fleas are elusive, too.

Have a great weekend!

G said...

Doug, Doug, Doug. You have a great weekend too!

Actonbell, glad you liked. Happy Weekend.

Better go get the troops out of here before it all goes bad.

tsduff said...

Argh - my internet connection just burped, and I lost my entire comment. I hate when that happens.

I liked this video so much that I watched it twice. Did you notice the band's poster in the back ground through the spinning wheel of his bicyle? Definately a great sounding band.

New York always fascinates me. Many of my best friends were New Yorkers including my husband, and I like the accent, attitude, different way of looking at things, amazing way the city is put together in an amazing jumble of streets and buildings, etc. Oh, and there are some amazing Lampshades produced there too.

Ariel the Thief said...

The song is not for me but I LOVE the video. Good luck for all the couriers and great weekend to you!

Sweet and Salty said...

I kinda liked that song too, G.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Bummer... our ISP has been flaky lately and I can't watch videos for crap. Seriously... we have dial-up speed at DSL prices. Nice.

Anyway, I'll have to catch your next spin after I get this problem cleared up. :-(

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Logophile said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Madame G.

Nessa said...

Interesting how they hang bikes up.

Sweet and Salty said...

Hope you're having a great 4th of July with your Family, G!

tsduff said...

Hey ECS - hope all the little Lampshades had the best 4th of July ever, oh, and you and Scissors too :)

Ariel the Thief said...

Just what Terry said. Hey, you didn't give a warning that there would not be music here this weekend!

Anonymous said...

New York as a back drop works for me too. If I don't sell by the end of August it might be the front porch :)

G said...

Terry, I HATE when that happens!

I had to go back and look - you are so observant.

I didn't know your husband was a New Yorker - where? when? This city can't claim my production - I made my way here from the shores of Jersey. But it's stuck with me now - for the past 18 years more or less anyway. I love New York, New Yorkers - the style, attitude, the skyscapers and EVERYTHANG (wink to a certain song in that last line).

Ariel, I can't say that I wasn't influenced by the video as well. Something so freeing about watching him glide through the streets.

Pavel, I'm glad. Thanks for dropping in.

Jeff, bummer allright. By the looks of things, you'll have a new computer by the time I get another spin rolling.

Ariel, I thought of you and wished you a rabbit rabbit. I hope you heard me.

Aw Logo - rabbit, rabbit!!! I swear I said it first thing a week ago :)

Nessa, that got my interest piqued as well.

Pavel, we were off in the "country" so it was nice.

Terry, thanks - you too!

Ariel, in my mind the music played on - just didn't get around to adding it here :)

Pia, I hope it sells, but that line was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

nice acquaintance!

Hobbes said...

Great pickmeup, but shouldn't that guy wear a helmet? He concerned me.