Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is what Julian yells from atop his bed where he has dragged any pillow within dragging distance. To which I hear Tali go into little teacher mode and gently correct "Julian, it's let the games begin" as she brushes her hair getting ready for camp. Right. Julian continues "Let the games begins!" in his best by order of the decree of the king voice. And so starts another day in the Lampshade household. I love overhearing them in the morning as we all are in different stages of our daily routines.

Last night when I got home from work, Tali was working with her Hebrew tutor. Rachel is illustrating usage of a word and says "For instance, the king went to the store", to illustrate a Hebrew usage. To which Tali responded "That sounds funny". Rachel asks "Because a king doesn't shop for himself?". "Well" Tali said "maybe you should say that the king went to the Chinese Restaurant to get his fortune". Rachel asks "Fortune cookie?" Tali "no - fortune, get it?". I'm enjoying this but then begin to wonder what this all has to do with Hebrew verbs.

Going to bed tonight and I'm getting the kids ready for the wind down, which includes my escape to evening activities sans them. "These mosquitoes are killers this year" says I as I dab on more Calamine lotion. "What is an insect?" asks Julian. "It's a bug" says Tali. "No, I want Mommy to tell me". Mommy, (as played by me) dutifully replies "It's a bug". "A bee?" asks Julian. "Well a bee is a bug, but not all bugs are bees." says Mommy. "Enough of the bait and switch into bed you bug!" Looking to catch anothr train, he tries "Transylvanian Alligator" (a little character I made up). "Not tonight Julian, the Transylvanian alligator is in the bogs." "What's a bog?" asks Tali. And so ends another day in the Lampshade Household.

Do you know that a lady bug is indeed a beetle? Of course you did.


Anonymous said...

i just hope you're writing down these stories... bugs? bees? bogs? TRANSYLVANIAN ALLIGATORS? i want to hear them, too! and, tho' i can't be sure, i'm pretty sure i knew about the lady bug/beetle connection... xoxo

oh, and fabulous job on the side bar, NBFF... you were a busy beaver (or is that bee?) last night, weren't ya!

Miz BoheMia said...

Well, we know, in this here household, that bugs are not to be eaten... NOT to be eaten!!! Although Loverboy would quite disagree seeing that he has an actual cookbook on how to cook bugs... "They are pure protein and someday we shall all need to eat bugs" he says... "Well, eat a damn bug and kiss me goodbye! Or then again, no kissing, simply goodbye will do." Yeah, no bug eating here although Lil' M has consumed a bug or two in his pre-toddler days! You don't wanna know and how thankful am I that it happened with their father!

Other than not eating bugs, genitalia and the afterlife are big topics of conversation in these here parts! Maybe we can get together and give them a mini seminar on the afterlife of bugs?

Scratch that! Let them play and we ladies will just sip away on Sangria or fruit juice and have some delish gazpacho, hippy salad, cake and green tea.. Neva, you in?

*sigh* A bohemian can only dream! Can you imagine our conversations then?

Funkified fo sho!

And Lady G, delightful post as always (can you not tell how I love it! LOVE IT I SAY!) and thank you dear amiga for the words over at BIO! Much appreciated by this bohemian fo sho!

~ good girl ~ said...

I love overhearing them in the morning as we all are in different stages of our daily routines.

I love that feeling too. Like there's a buzz around you that's nice and toasty, and there's a spring and skip in the air. I like things going on around me while not having a direct involvement. It's oddly toe-warming.

I'm still trying to work out what Tali meant rgds comments to Rachel. lol! Any idea??

And I see the decorators/ renovators got crackin' on the Lampy Blog :-)

GG x

Anonymous said...

I too am intrigued by the Transylvanian Alligators...sounds like a killer kids book, maybe a pop-up?

Very nice post...a warm slice of lampshade life.

Sweet and Salty said...

I always look forward to a new post of the life around the lampshade. It's such a treat to listen to kids talk when "no adults are around" and listen to how they reason. Please tell us about these Transylvanian Alligators and how they came about!

About eight months ago, all three of my kids were involved in a musical called, "Children of Eden", the boys being Cain and Abel, respectively. After the show ended, I would say to them, "good night, Children of Sweden" (a la Michael Caine in "Cider House Rules") and they would giggle.
Then I close the door and listen to them saying "Good Jaron of Eden" "Good night, Skyler of Eden."

And no, I didn't know a ladybug was a beetle. (learn something new everyday, I say!)

Julian is so cute with his, "let the games begin!"

G said...

Brian: hmmm - has a nice ring to it.

Neva: Well sort of writing them down...The Transylvanian Alligator is a character in development which came about as any of them do - pure silliness! Why am I not surprised Miss I score 100's on the Logo Quiz :)

MizB: If I have to eat bugs, life will simply cease for me! I like the idea - throw the kids together and let them come up with their own hypothesis as we dine on the divine spread! Delish! Ah, it cost not to dream. Thank you and you're welcome and thank you.

GG: Very relaxing, that is until we hit the bad mornings. I believe what Tali was getting at was why go for the cookie, when you can demand the whole fortune! I'm teaching them to dream BIG!

Joel: A pop-up - perfect! Would you like some ice cream on that nice warm slice?

Pavel - Very nice - you guys must be like the VonTropps! I do love these overheard moments - particularly when Tali breaks it down for Julian. See, you're on the right track, could be a Swedish Alligator in your future. Emm, doesn't have the same ring I'm afraid.

~ good girl ~ said...

Tali is most wise. I have been heading straight for the cookies and eating the fortune slip right along with it. All haste, I am. I must slow doen and sniff the fortune.

I have no idea what I'm babbling on about. Seriously, too much coffee today.

GG xox

G said...

Jenna: See, you just never know where things will lead. You two turned out pretty cool.

GG: Yes, a bit of a little old soul. She does have an interesting outlook though I will give her that.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading something really cool about the two types of dragonflies, and the inherent differences between them, and then thinking of me and Julian digging around in my garden, for 20 minutes or so, and he just wonderfully happy and innocent in the moment. Good reading. love ya G

Doug The Una said...

Hold on a minute. You let Julian misform his verbs but every time I leave a comment it disappears. Censorship begins at home, Madame.

G said...

Patrick the Elder: Well now you'll have a captive audience for your next dig in Rhode Island. More reason to come up for a visit, though we'll be in touch to set up the "Shannon exchange". Love ya too. Okay Julian is here and is saying "Can we go now? to grandma's house? I'm Grandma - please let's go now!". So we'll see you soon. xox

G said...

Doug! I didn't see you there (something screwey's going on here :) The only reason Julian gets to misform his verbs is so Tali gets to catch them. Everybody's happy and Julian ignores us all. Censorship indeed!

G said...

And actually, I've just misformed a whole sentence.

Doug The Una said...

Malformed sentences are my stock in trade,

G said...

I'm feeling much better already.

Anonymous said...

the sooner the better, G!

FirstNations said...

oo, i like your transylvanian alligator!
we had a recurring bedtime story character, the globetrotting 'Q.A.T' and his arch nemesis the Refried Bean. Andale! Andale!
your place sounds like fun! :)

G said...

Stories with arch nemesies (is that a word?) are always good! See I do bedtime better (in terms of storytelling) than Scissors so the kids beg for Mommy. I believe he does this on purpose. Although he was reading a Mrs.LaRue story to them which is good fun, but I suspect his intent is to get out and for me to be pressed into parental duty.

Minka said...

Yep, that sounds familiar.
Having lived for a month in my sisters household with three nieces has brought similar conversations to my ears.
Sometimes it is so much fun listening to how they make sense of the world!

G said...

Minka! So nice to see you back and it sounds as if you had some nice family time. Perfectly put "....how they make sense of the world."

Anonymous said...

It's "nemeses"--Greek plural.
I love all the word play at your house.
We used to start each day with Mall Diva and Toyplayer in the bathtub with the composer busts, who went to spelling and singing school.

Lila said...

Hi, G! Thanks for visiting Pezland... Nice blog you have here! I'll be back...

G said...

Ahh Weirsdo - I was just saying, "Where is an English Professor when you need one!?". Hope you enjoyed your vacation - if you are indeed home. No wonder those busts always sound so beautiful.

ap3 - Thanks for the visit! I love Pezland, but have been remiss in making my way around. Hey what are weekends for?