Sunday, August 27, 2006


Beach chairs check. Beach umbrella check. Camera. Check.

See Scissors I've got a list. Right here, (yeah I got yer list). Every year, it's the same thing. I'm going to be prepared. Holy sunblock Batman! Where did the past two weeks go? See I'm not in panic mode because I do believe we pretty much have everything we need - now we just need it in the "good to go" mode. As in packed. He's so efficient about packing but that's basically because he pretty much travels with a hobo's hanky tied on a stick and he's ready for vacation. Yet he always has the right things to wear when he needs them. Seasoned traveler. Me? Overpacker. I have gotten much better, but still.

I am jealous of that ability to go somewhere without worrying about covering all bases. I schlep snacks/water/toys/first aid when we go to the local playground. What's that kids? Special pillows, fuzzy pink blanky - yeah sure shove them in the backseat.

We roll out tomorrow morning. If you want to join us, now's the time to come over because we'll be leaving early. I swear. As soon as I find the thingey to the watchamacallit - camera related items. Ah Scissors will get that.

Water. Check. Kids - of course, they're on my list somewhere! See - right after the toothpaste!

Sun? Can't find it, but I know it's here somewhere.


brian said...

Have a great time!! Snow, Sun. He doesn't worry, cause you do. See, he packs, you fret, perfect together.

G said...

Brian - Thanks. Well I had to warm everybody up after the snow. You're right! We are one madcap couple.

FelineFrisky said...

Have a mah=velous time! Try to relax. That's what you're supposed to do! lol Yea, right! D

Anonymous said...

i knew it was coming... i've been preparing myself for the eventuality... and yet, the time has come for you to *actually* take off, and i'm not ready for you to go.

oh, i know it's only gonna be a few days, but it's gonna feel like a few weeks:

the 1st day will be the hardest, so that's gonna feel like 2 1/2 weeks.

the 2nd day will be easier, but still hard, so it's gonna feel like 1 week

the 3rd day will seem like an eternity, so it's gonna feel like 3 weeks.

the 4th day i'll be busy, so it's gonna feel like a day

the 5th day, i might get bored and take a nap, so that'll feel like 3 days

the 6th day you'll be coming home (right?) but not fast enough for me, so it's gonna feel like another week and a half.

added up it's like, 8 1/2 weeks. man! that's over 2 months!! how will i live without talking to you in some way/shape and/or form for 2 1/2 months??? aieeeeee!

don't worry about me, i'm just in a little panic. continue with your packing. (you'll be taking your cell phone, right? and i *do* have the number, right????) no, seriously. i'll be fine. just. fine.

oh, and we truly HATE packing. if this were us getting ready for a trip, the packing would be happening tonite. *that's* how lame we are. (even with kids it would be so. we're very "we'll buy it when we get there" kind of people) xoxo

Carrie said...

LOL, Neva!! What a perfect "panic" description! And, g, I'm an overpacker, too. My husband is always last in the packing category, but it all goes in some hiking pack and it's all perfect! So, yeah, we got that here, too.

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful vacation! Although, it will be weird not to see your blog updates. But, I'm sure you will have a TON of stories to tell when you get home. Be safe!!

Anonymous said...

Packing at our house could be a series of post unto itself...even when going on an overnight biz trip there is much angst and anxiety...and then there's the certain puppy who at the very sight of a suitcase goes into depressed, pouty mode, unless she decides to mount said bag and begin chewing on it in protest. Have a great vacation...we've ordered sunny weather beginning tomorrow so you should be fine.

~ good girl ~ said...

Happy holidays, G!!! I want the beach toooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I suppose I cld just hang by the pool tmwr. Drats :-)

I am a chronic overpacker too. Once, I lugged an extra carry on suitcase because I simply HAD TO HAVE all those pairs of shoes. Shoes kill me. Each outfit demands a particular pair of heels. Right? Right??

Have fun in the sun and try not to leave demanding family behind when coming home, tempting as it might sound then ;-)

GG x

Doug said...

Enjoy the trip, G, Tali, Julian and Edward.

I overpack whites and never bring enough ammo.

Sweet and Salty said...

Have a great time, Lampy! I miss you already... Oh, and take lots of pictures so we'll envious of you when you get back

Anonymous said...

and by "certain puppy" Joel means the *actual* puppy... for Sophie absolutely hates it when either of us leaves (since we no longer seem to be able to take trips together). just thought i should clear that up, in case you have visions of me sitting on top of a suitcase, chewing the handle and/or ID tag. xox

G said...

Thank FF, I plan to if it kills me :)

Neva: That comment is so funny - it is a post in and of itself! I mean I can't even respond it's just that damn funny! Pinky's right - perfect panic. Come on, after two days, you'll find other amusements, I have to be realistic.

Actually, I'm not really "finished" packing, as part of the day was spent with paperwork for Tali's new school, finding out after calling that although Julian will be attending this particular school, he's not registered. NYC school system. So lots of last minute forms/meds/yada yada.

I'll miss you and will send you a postcard if I get a connection :)

Pinky - Hope you got my email because I will be packing my Pinky originals for the trip! We all love them here. Perfect timing - mani/pedi new gems! Exciiiited.
Thank you for your beautiful works of art and well wishes - see you when I get back?

Joel: I look forward to that post because I know it will be a good one. Thanks for that weather order - looks like it's ready for pickup. Of course, I am now hysterical reading down to Neva's comment about the "puppy mounting the bag" - that's almost as funny as her comment - almost.

GG: Although an overpacker, you're talking to the wrong one about heels. Once I leave my workplace, the only thing I wear at the beach are flip/flops (as we call them) and my flat sandles. I am on cruise control, low to the ground baby! But I do understand that sensibility that demands a certain look. Say by a roadside corn stand? Hahahaha. Thanks

Doug - thanks! especially for the reminder about ammo! See you soon! Save a spot for my return.

Pavel - Your command is my wish or something like that. Miss u too - keep churning out those posts, you never know when I may need to "borrow" one :)

Neva - Yet again you slay me! Too effin funny! Actually I had to think if Joel was using code or actual speak. I laugh each time I read this.

Actonbell: There's still time. I agree - we're in a car just another bag to throw in the back. Too true, only a *ahem* curmudgeon could find fault at the shore.

See you all soon! Don't have too much fun without me!

FirstNations said...

once the kids are out and gone, try motorcycle touring...theres a crash course in packing light and making sure everything does double duty, is hand washable in a creek, and whitens, brightens and leaves a fresh scent.
top tip: ziplock plastic bags for dirty clothes...add warm water and a little shampoo, let shake rattle and roll all day, rinse and let dry all night...voila! damp clothes that smell like shampoo!

G said...

You know I am always envious of bikers! That's freedom. I remember in my youth going camping, getting a lift back on someone's bike. Nothing like it.

I'm glad I read this - I left a handwashable shirt in the sink downstairs! Funny! Ooh, add to outgoing - plastic baggies. See you when I get back.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation!! :) I hope that you find the rest and fun that is so well deserved!