Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Should I do it every day?

Write that is! Nasty little so-and-sos!

Although still within the probationary period, I am fast becoming a blog veteran. Ask Doug, we grow so quickly. And call me observant, but it seems a number of blogs that I jump around to, write every day! This anvil fell on my head today as I looked at a couple of non-regulars. There was a theme emerging - one post followed the next, in chronological order. Now I have not really been disciplined in doing so. I write a post here, put a picture there and voila - I have myself a post on average, oh every three days! Just when I think I'm doing well - I come across the overachiever crowd - the professionals.

It makes sense though. Get in the habit of writing. Develop your voice. Two of the reasons I started blogging. Really work at it. Oops, shouldn't have typed that... Work!? This was supposed to be fun. Well it is. You're tricking me. You can have fun and learn! I'm getting nervous. I'll have to think, have fun, this introduces a whole new dimension. Well how about if you just write and don't think of it at all? You remember that book, The Artist's Way? Yeah more trickery. I think I sold it in that garage sale. Maybe I shouldn't have. How long did you do those "Morning Pages"? Every day. How long? For a time. How long? I think maybe 3 weeks - a month! Eight days. Okay, how about my journals? Yeah, sure how about them? I was just reading some entries to Tali last night! Uh huh - some entries. Bout how many? Well I read her about three - there were more. Oh how we laughed at those three! Really? How many more? About, tap tap tap, uh three. That would be impressive - if it were over the period of - a week. I know, I was busy - she was a baby and then Julian came along. Okay, they're four years apart. Alright so the six lousy entries spanned five years. They were busy meaningful years. I have pictures. I'll put words to them at some point. Where are those pictures?

Okay, this is getting personal. Interview over. I feel attacked. I feel that I should write about it. Perhaps every day. Okay, posts every other day? Let's talk about this over coffee? How do you like yours? Every day.

You know I was just thinking of cutting back. On my caffeine consumption!


Anonymous said...

do NOT cut back on your consumption fo caffeine and/or blogging! unless you're hanging out with me, in which case we'll both be cutting back, but getting so much more for our money than mere words. tuna! fish tacos! coffee (more caffeine?)!!

i don't know what "drove" you to the blogosphere in the first place... as far as i'm concerned you were delivered here in a shiny new limo! with real leather seats and a guy in a cute cap and a phone that works, and everything!

what was this post about? i dunno. what is this comment about? i dunno. i just know i love you and i'm grateful you found your way through world wide web to a place where i was, so i could correctly identify you as a long-lost sister of either my long-lost gay friend and/or me!

you're new... and yet you have so much to say. and, you say it so well, too! and, trust me, after reading through this comment i know one thing for certain: i'm glad *someone* around here can do that, cuz it sure as hell ain't me! xoxox

G said...

Yet somehow it all makes perfect sense. Thank goodness for the limo service, that's what sealed the deal and our fate as NBFF's! When do I get to meet my brother!?

I'm getting hungry now.

xox to you NBFF>

~ good girl ~ said...

Just when I think I'm doing well - I come across the overachiever crowd - the professionals.

LOLOLOL!!! I live in awe and fear of them too. Fear because they send me back to my little blog closet in shame, quivering lips, knocking knees and all. Oh my, what??! Another post?? Already?! But..but...waaaahhhhhhhh!

Just write and don't think? Or did u say don't think and just write? Hmm. Ok. No matter. Same difference :-) I never think when I write. It's a bit like making those 1-pot dish dinners from leftovers. You keep walking back to the fridge and seeign stuff to add. And once in a while, you throw in something you shldn't and hey! Lookee here! A brand new post! And when you throw in the right stuff, whoa! 3 Michelin Blog Stars, here I come!

Cut back on caffeine? You're on your own, G. If I didn't drink coffee, I fear my blog will be updated once every fiscal year.

And that's plenty :-)

For the record, I like your 1-pot dishes. I will dine at your table anytime.

GG xo

Anonymous said...

I like reading your posts a lot. :) I think that when it comes to blogs its kind of like houses. You put in your house what you want, how you want it, and how often you want it. You know I only buy groceries twice a month anything more than that... unthinkable. Anyway, its your place... tinker around until you feel its the way you'd like it to be. :)

G said...

Brian ~ Are you kidding?! Here I was hoping to cheat off you! And with that new apple of yours! You should have held out for the limo - "they" send it eventually.

GG: I am sure my thoughts are somewhat scattered at 1:00 a.m. I writes them as I sees them. For the record, you are most welcome at my table anytime. Now come on in and have something to eat (usually courtesy of Scissors). You look a little thin. And we always have caffeine don't you worry.

cj: Thanks cj - I like reading your comments a lot:) Good metaphor what with those lovely new stripes in your pad. Point well taken. Something to eat? Coffee? Hey! You work at Sbucks, did you bring?

Sweet and Salty said...

G! rofl! You're so cute when you're nervous! Or were you? Anyways, I love your posts because they appear thoughtful, they almost always have a humorous side to them and I always feel good after I read them, like I just listened to a real lady sitting, telling us about this thing, this event, that is worth listening to.

I wish I could write posts like yours, but I simply don't have the time or the smarts. I hope you do, but chances are, it comes naturally to you and you don't need much time.

G said...

Yes Pavel, you could tell - I make myself nervous :) Thank you, but you obviously do not give yourself enough credit. Your posts are gems as well because they are in your voice and I 've enjoyed those that you've done recently (where apprently you made the time to write). Well I better get some stories going!

Did I tell the one, they'll think I'm crazy, how about, better wait on that...

Carrie said...

G- whenever you post it's a winner! I remember the first post I read of yours, What a Difference Year Makes, and I was hooked. Your writing involved me and made me want more. I re-read that post a dozen times. Then, I just kept sneaking over here.

The nice thing about blogging is there are no rules. Do it when you want to, and we'll all be happy when that happens.

FirstNations said...

your blog is yours. it is the 'G' show. you do whatever you like. when you start feeling pressured, you stop having fun. you create this space as you want it. there are no blogging rules.
I use mine as a space to express parts of myself that otherwise don't get expressed. other people hold kind of a variety show, like Doug. then theres central snark, which is (a bunch of people who keep getting me stoned)kind of a forum-conversation-soapbox-neiborhood. One guy blogs in middle english as geoffrey chaucer. some diary, some club together and write stories as a group...some review, some rant.
you see? whether you knew it or not, you are part of an underground counterculture communication movement!

Minka said...

When you interview your own self is always the toughest :) Why? You ar eteh one who knows best what gets your knickers into a knot.
That is why you should write...more often. Every day? I have no idea, but I sure as hell hope that you´ll do as often as possible....

Anonymous said...

I'm on my last days in California and wasn't planning on commenting

Your posts have been great from the start. Now you drive right in, and draw people in because of that

Don't think you're still in the probationary period

Writing is about practice. As an obsessive blogger, I'm not sure that it's the way to practice writing.

I'm writing for an audience not to sharpen my skills. There is a big big difference

Blogging, when you do it seriously, is work but instead of bringing in money....

I am thinking of putting my blog on hiatus when I come home, because I have spent two years writing for two or more blogs in different voices, and instead of developing the voice that I need for personal fufillment in one blog I sounded as if I were writing the perfect thesis

In mine, I go all over the place. Don't find it fun anymore. Don't find it satisfying

Write two or three posts a week, and the rest of the timeif you want write strictly for you. Two or three is plenty to find your voice in

I say that because along with blogging comes the responsiblity of commenting, and while I enjoy it, it becomes overwhelming for me to comment thoughtfully on each blog that I read

Blogging's never been about the amount of comments that I get. That's always been a side thing. Pleasant but I have never considered readers who read without commenting to be lurkers, a word that I detest

On vacation I like to read trashy books and magazines--and I have found myself reading blogs that tell other people how to blog which I consider to be the height of arroganc--and how to write--again the same thing

Blogging's becoming too something for me, and I really really have to rethink this

Sorry for the rant--your post was so central to my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Your blogging license is in the mail but I'm not sure you're going to like the picture...they never do.

~ good girl ~ said...

I've got my bib on, G.

Hit me.

GG x

G said...

Thanks all - my response just got so lengthy - I just put it up as a post :) Crafty ay?

GG - Any dietary restrictions?