Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Sar, is there any significance in this being post #47? Another nifty link courtesy of PAVEL

You didn't think I'd leave without leaving one last little shred of shameless self-promotion behind, did you? I'll be gone (unless I get to check in) for the rest of the week. Now I leave this esteemed caption contest and switch into Zen mode to welcome the ocean's calming waves.

See you all when I get back.

Watch over my little place here. Don't want squatters to take over. I heard that - yeah, they may do a better job, but are they offering free popcorn?

I didn't think so.



FelineFrisky said...

LOL Oh, bunny! lol Self promotion in action! And I LOVE popcorn! Move over HonBun, the cartoons are the best part! SHHHH... D

DaBich said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget about us poor bloggers, hear?

Anonymous said...

how on earth did i miss this? guess it's just 'cuz i was reading your blog through a veil of "miss you" tears!

now that's what i call shameless promotion. and damn! i'm so proud of my NBFF for using her new HTML code skills for good and not evil!

(did i mention i miss you? well i do) xoxo

Anonymous said...

so shameless promotion pays off... and you won! yay! and congratulations!! (i know you won't see this for awhile, but still, if your NBFF can't congratulate you, who can?) xoxo