Monday, June 04, 2007

Bad Moon on the Rise

I'm so preoccupied with getting Julian's summer camp situation resolved right now that my concentration level is flailing (starting off with the attention span of a gnat is not helpful). I've begun four different posts and they all went nowhere fast. I think that may be lucky for you. I'm in the zoned out pre-zone in which I can do nothing but look obsessively at design blogs. I am sure that will really help resolve the issue. In fact, I'm certain. In fact, perhaps Julian should stay home with Grandma and make pin cushions and throw pillows for the summer.

For those of you who are fairly new in these parts, Julian is my son who is five years old. He has some developmental delays which sometimes make life difficult for him, sometimes funny - but always interesting. The good news is that his difficulties are not such that they would warrant him to be in a separate Special Education year round program. This is unfortunately also the bad news because as such, he is not eligible for certain services that he receives during the course of the 10 month school year.

I won't bore you with administrative details but we would love for Julian to be able to participate in summer camp. We are having a difficult time finding the right fit. He probably will not be able to go to the same camp (as we had hoped) with his sister because the Board of Ed will not provide the needed assistant to shadow Julian (as he has in his school setting).

But we continue to seek solutions and try to provide what is best for Julian. Sometimes I feel as if I'm in one of those bad dreams where you're trying to run, but can't seem to get anywhere.

Speaking of running, Julian just won his little running race in his Class Olympics last week. It was a shining Chariots of Fire moment for sure.

I'll be round to catch up on all my favorite blogs (that's right, yours), once I can get an indicator of what direction we're even going. I hope that's soon. You may find me making pin cushions with Grandma. I really wish that I could sew, so that's a good start.


Sweet and Salty said...

I'm first!

Good luck, G. I can imagine how difficult it is, both administratively and emotionally, to deal with those sorts of things.

I'm sure you'll find him just the right one. The little man will be singing campire songs and making s'mores in no time!

FirstNations said...

oh lordy, and you live in a place that actually has options, too. what a pile of suck.
once you do find the right place it should be pretty cool for daughter used to work as an sn facillitator/ counsellor during the summers and she said the campers really got a lot out of the experience.

Nessa said...

Sometimes things take so long to work out. I'm sure you'll find something that fits. Good luck.

Ariel the Thief said...

congrats to Julian! he probably runs faster than myself. :)

is he disappointed that he cannot go to the same camp with his sister?

Heather said...

Yeah Julian! Winning his race is a wonderful moment for all of you!
Summer camp is beating me senseless too...argh!
Sending you good thoughts and comforting energy. :)

Anonymous said...

ah -- CONGRATS to your happy little runner! some day he'll win "cutest dancer in the kitchen" awards, too! (he's such a doll)

making pin cushions? throwing pillows?? hahahahahaha. if the Board of Ed can't help, maybe the Board of Bob, can. (Frank? Maury?) sigh... in my ADDled, gnat-sized brain, that was funny... as was this post! ; ) xoxox

Mother Theresa said...

Hey, tell Julian I say congratulations! You know, if we had had a boy we were planning on naming him Julian, after my father-in-law. But three girls are enough, so there'll be no Julian for me. I really hope you find a good camp for him, it's such an enriching experience for kids. Pin cushions, eh? Maybe you should make voodo dolls of the members of the Board of Ed...stick some pins in, see if that helps.

G said...

Pavel, right back in the swing of things I see!

Yes, let's hope so - at the very least making lanyard :)

fn - total suck. But we're forging ahead and trying to still get the services, but also going to plan B. Tali has been in camp each year and it's a good experience for sure.

Goldennib, so true, time takes time. Thanks.

Actonbell, that's a great perspective. Summer camp is a great outlet and certainly a learning experience of a different variety for kids.

You know, I was pretty sure in my head that it had been Teapot. But I do love Teacup - you certainly are not common, why should your blog title be? Love it.

Ariel, I know he can run faster than me! We haven't told him or Tali yet. Best to leave everything until we're positive about the outcome. I'm still in the fighting for it category :)

hmbt, thanks - it was a wonderful thing to see! Well then I send my comforting energy back to you (I felt comforted just reading that). Here's to the best for our children.

Neva, Oh he'd be a ringer for that contest! :) Thank you.

Where is this Bob and do you think he'd like to make pin cushions?

Theresa, thanks - I certainly will. That's funny, Julian was named after Adrian's dad (who's deceased). Three girls are a handful:)

I like the voodoo doll idea - it couldn't hurt (us at least)!

Minka said...

I am 10th...rogress is made every day.

Hope you find a solution for Julian that suits all concerned party. I´d suggest a trip to Iceland, under the watchful guidance (I use taht term lightly!) of a certain Penguin, but sadly, afore-mentioned Penguin is out of the country over the summer.

Shari said...

I loved camp. It was such fun. Great memories.

I hope you can find a camp for your son.

I am sending my daughter to a one-week camp session. She's going to do some rock-climbing and rope-walking. She likes that kind of thing.

Congrats to him for winning a race. I've been walking a lot and thought I'd build up to jogging (what I did a lot of in my late teens and twenties) and I couldn't run more than a block. :( I am badly out of shape. He'd outrun me for sure. :)

Hobbes said...

Good luck and congratulations to Julian! Considering that his difficulties seem to include balance (right?), his winning the race seems like an exceptional triumph.

G said...

Minka, 10 is the new 1 :)

I just had a vision of Julian standing on horses (which incidentally there is a camp, but it's only for one week and the last one of the summer at that, called Horseability that uses horses in a therapeutic fashion). I'd really like to look into that for Julian. Yes, you will be out of the country now won't you? I have an idea - he could travel with you!

Shari, my husband usually walks Julian to school which means that they run a good bit of the way. On the days when I walk him, I'm out of breath too after chasing him.

Rock climbing sounds great. It's actually a recommended activity for concentration for Julian. we have a small wall at a nearby park. Camp is a wonderful experience so I just have to get Julian into the right one.

Hobbes, thank you so much. Yes you are correct - Julian does have balance issues which oddly enough don't interfere as much when he runs. I think it is exceptional, just the same.

Doug said...

As best I can recall you can depend on any child in any circumstances to:

A) Enjoy his/her self
B) Learn something
C) Grow as an individual
D) Discover something you'd rather (s)he didn't.
E) Do himself injury (boy's mainly.)

That is, unless you're a bad parent.

Claire said...

Thank goodness Julian is only 5. He has a lot of room for growth. Perhaps as he gets older, he will not need as much (or any) school assistance. Keep fighting! Any camp having to do with animals would be a good thing. Good Luck!

G said...

Doug, that sounds about right (insightful indeed) - will you be available as a camp counselor over the summer?

Claire, I keep fighting because I'm sure there's always something he should be getting. This one's a tough one, but we'll figure something out.

Actually there is a camp near where I work that is a horse ranch for therapeutic riding. It's only for one week (which usually is the week we're away at the beach), but I'm keeping an open mind to possibilities. Thanks for your thoughts.

Doug said...

Sure. Leave Julian in the bulrushes and I'll be by to pick him up.

G said...

He'll be between the bramble and the sedge with a marigold in his hand.