Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm feeling rather relaxed about these spins because I don't feel the need to stretch them into a post proper. I never intended them to be reviews, per se, just a spotlight on someone who has either caught my ear casually or that I'm loving so much, I'm burning out the cd. Yes, I still buy cd's. What can I say, I love liner notes.

This week is someone from the former category, with a little more investigation, she might make it into the latter. Her name is Nicole Atkins and she hails from my home state of New Jersey - nothing stinky* about her (you couldn't write that in a professional review I hasten to add). She will naturally call up some reference to Amy Winehouse as she has a little bit of a nostalgic sound going. I also hear Mama Cass in there.

See what you think : MY SPACE HERE. I think the girl can sing.

Performance of The Way It Is from her current album Neptune City, live on Letterman (Dave is loving her):

Have a great weekend. Enjoy whatever you have planned (especially if it's not planned).

* For any of my foreign correspondents, the stinky reference is to the purported smell that emanated from chemical plants dotting the upper NJ Turnpike. We always just blamed it on Staten Island.


Doug said...

I hear Emmylou Harris in there too. I like it!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I checked out her other stuff over on her MySpace. Very cool. Thanks for introducing me to yet another great singer!

Anonymous said...

Hey LWTLSOHH...Long time no see.
Just wanted to fly by and say "Hey." Now, I'll go back and listen.

tsduff said...

You pegged her right both counts... I didn't have to strain much to hear Mama Cass in her voice. Nice find :) Now I'm back to bed.

Ariel the Thief said...

She is great.

I looked up Mama Cass and Emmylou Harris on YouTube, wow! Both of them made duets with Johnny Cash, I loved those. Also, Emmylou dances horrible, I love her for that too.

Anonymous said...

She has a beautiful voice--we had to take liquid vitamins that smelt
just like the Jersey turnpike

To be fair you should say it no longer does and Jersey is one of of the cleanest states

I tried leaving a comment on your mommy post. Love the idea of a bonfire

G said...

Doug, hmmmmm. Yeah, now that you mention it.

Jeff, glad you liked. It's fun to check out new music, isn't it?

SWAMPY!! Hey there, hope you and your family are all well. So nice to see you.

Terry, I'm late in replying but hopeful that you are feeling better. Hope the music helped a little. Now go get some rest.

Actonbell, glad you liked. Always a bonus when I get to introduce someone new.

Ariel, always makes me like someone a bit more when they are lousy dancers and good singers. I mean how much talent does one person need? Johnny Cash did a duet with Mama Cass? Now I have to go look something up...

Pia, I'm cracking up about the liquid vitamins. Yes to be fair to my home state, it has cleaned up its act quite a bit. Sure, wait until I move, just like New Jersey.