Friday, March 14, 2008

Time for an Upgrade

I was leafing through Blueprint magazine* recently and came upon the Stylish Sleepwear article. Article, pictorial - whatever. A lovely little number caught my eye. The description labels it a chemise. Has it been so long since I've updated my boudoir wear that I don't even know that word? Oh sure, I hear the tusk, tusking of the wordsmiths now. The word is certainly not new, but it is to me in terms of sleepwear. The picture to the left is an image from Wikipedia which goes on to describe a chemise as follows: "In modern usage the term chemise generally refers to women's fashions that vaguely resemble the older shifts but are typically more delicate, and usually provocative." Does it come with the heaving bosom I wonder.

I convince myself that my sleepwear isn't so terrible. What's that? What color are my sweats? These? These are not sweats. They are a soft gray-ish pair of the finest cotton lounging pants.

*I see that reading this, one might get the idea that all I do is lounge about leafing through magazines, eating bonbons. I can assure you that I am not - eating bonbons, that is. But now a small sliver of honey cake never hurt a soul.


Ariel the Thief said...

So that thing has a name other than "that sexy blouse on that brunette with big boobs"? I am keep learning here!

Anonymous said...

I have an obsession with sleep the same time when I went to Macy's there was nothing there between...can't sleep in it slut wear and...I can't be bothered ugly wear.
So where did you find this inspiration?

G said...

Apparently Ariel. Yes, everything is not what it seems is what we're learning together :)

Mo'a, hahahaha - that is the conundrum I often (when I shop that is) find myself in but you put it so well.

The inspiration came from Blueprint magazine which after its fledgling start, is now out of print. I'll link to it if I can or get the info. of the actual items when I get home.

Doug The Una said...

Chemise is French for "shirt." Things just naturally get sexy when you translate them into French. Mais non, Madame! C'est une crepe!

G said...

Suddenly I'm hungry for a crepe :) This is a nice segue into tomorrow's spin.


Hobbes said...

One of our most popular romance writers here on Stuffed Animal Planet is Chemise Torn.