Monday, October 09, 2006


So off we went for our annual apple picking extravaganza yesterday. Yes there I am in the orchard sort of in action. We're having some problem with our picture downloads so the action shots may well have to wait.

Several posts back, my niece Caitlin talked about her and her sister Shannon's dessert dilemmas that they often found themselves in (as she writes about here. I shared that somehow this rang true for us when it came to apple picking season. Each year we would go off into the bucolic setting of an orchard "upstate", read 1 hour north of the city. The air would be crisp, the apples plenty and the children well behaved. Okay, usually the air is always crisp. Just kidding kids - it was lots of fun huh? Anyway, the sky would be the limit and we would pack up our bags with all the pickins of a day well spent in the clean air.

We would get back to the car, invariably an apple or two tucked into somebody's pockets and head home. Yes home. As thoughts of apple pie, apple sauce, apple betty and just apples danced through our head as we traveled "The Hutch" back to the city. What would happen in the ensuing weeks would be closer to reality. The apples would be placed in the downstairs fridge. We'd keep a supply upstairs to pack in lunches each day. Give some to coworkers. Some to Grandma. The weeks would drag on and we'd comment - "should we attempt the pie this weekend?". "Yeah we should shouldn't we?".

But look at that - another weekend come and gone. Now the apples had little by little dwindled down to the last measly batch which were only suitable for apple sauce or lobbing at the squirrels digging up holes in the backyard. In the interest of having something bountiful from our apple harvest, we'd make up a batch of apple sauce. And lob the last two at those rascally squirrels.

But this year is different. I can feel it. We're going to buy the frozen crusts so as to avoid the annual sabotage that has cursed our apple harvest.

Stop back in a week for a slice. In the meantime, stop over to muffin-land for a different take on the apple picking tour.

Little Footnote: It should be noted that no cows were harmed in the making of this post. The cow tipping reference is from the a song on a cd that we had playing in heavy rotation that day:LOU REED by The Little Willies


Anonymous said...

I'm first!!! Well, I finally can place the writing with a face. That's so cool. No wonder the kids are good looking.

Apple picking is fun. We have an orchard about a mile from the house and the kids really enjoyed it.

The funny about wanting to do something but not getting around to actually doing it. Sounds familiar.

Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Erick and I were just talking about heading to the orchard to get apples. I have a peeler and slicer that does the work... *LOL* we're making apple butter!

I can't wait for the pics!

FirstNations said...

i was just lurking at tali's place.
OH MY GOD, G, she's only EIGHT????
that girl writes better than some of my adult links! shes great!
apple picking and punkin' patchin are two of the greatest things about fall. thanks for letting me in on the fun. dang, i love this blog!

Anonymous said...

and there you are! lovely lovely NBFF of mine! apples? apple sauce? apple pie? apple betty? apple dunking? apple of your eye? so many apples--so many things to do with 'em! *ducks as one flies over her head* d'oh!

we used to live close to a wonderful apple orchard up near Boston, and Joel and i would make a point of jogging past it in the fall for the sheer pleasure of the sites and smells that are associated with such a place. it was fabulous. that said, i like my apples crispy and my pies pre-made (meaning i'll eat one of yours but you'll never see me bake one!)

beautiful picture/great post dear friend... sounds like you all had a lot of fun over the weekend! (fun, by the way, that better NOT have been near Stamford, for my feelings can and *would* be hurt!) xoxo

G said...

Pavel - There was some speculation that I might be a 70 year old man, I did it to dispel the rumors. Isn't apple picking a good time? The best laid plans...

cj: Oooh apple butter? Okay I'll dream about that too - it sounds so wholesome.

fn: dang I love when you visit and I say dang! Actually, she'll be nine December 1 :) The kid's got a way with words I must admit. I help her with some editing but they're her own words and sentences. She's a little old soul who's a lot of fun at the same time.

Neva: Hahaha - watch out for the flying apples! We're doing this pie if it kills us this year - then you can have a slice! Or perhaps some humble pie - no no, we're doing it!

No we were of course nowhere near Stamford. We were in Warwick, NY. Of course your hurt feelings might be overcome if my entire family including MIL crawled over your house on a lovely Sunday afternoon ;) It was a nice weekend - hope yours was as well!


Carrie said...

What a lovely lady you are! I agree with Pavel, it's nice to put a face to your wonderful writing.

Making a pie? That's all you and my step-mom. I haven't the patience. Cakes, sure. Pie, no way Jose.

And let me just tell you that I laughed so hard at the thought of you hurling apples at squirrels that my face hurt! Awesome!!

Logophile said...

Lady of the Lamp, you are lovely!
Being from WA state I completely understand the apple thing, frozen crust is a great solution. Also, sometimes local bakeries will sell them fresh :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to see Tali's blog

Used to be able to pick apples on the Island. The area I grew up in was like the country but I was too young and eager to get away from the Island. Well my parents house

The woman I bought my apartment from fell in love with the contractor, married him and moved to Warwick. By the time I bought the apartment they had two kids

Always associate apple picking with Warwick.

And yes this happy person/cautious blogger thing is interesting, but I guess normal.

Saved many thousands of dollars in therapy bills by getting it out blogging. Glad that it was invented

G said...

Pinky - Aw thank you. Yeah it's nice to see the person behind the words. Don't jump to conclusions, I haven't made it yet. You try it - see if you don't feel better (you don't hit them or anything, just scare them :).

Logo: And you are lovely too - what with that great tip as well. Yes Washington State is lovely, but you don't want us to know that right? I can feel it - we're baking ourselves a pie!

pia: Look at that - yes Warwick and apples, they just go together.

Yeah - I agree the happy person/cautious blogger (or am I confusing them?), but I'm all for saving thousands from therapy bills (although I admit to dreaming of a therapist living with my family sometimes). I am glad it was invented and that you started your blog and now look - another generation because of the LI Press story!

cindra jo: that's it honey - I'm getting a frozen crust and smooshing away! Okay, smush, crease, oy...I'm taking notes. Thank you - we feel beautiful there.

FelineFrisky said...

Oh, apple time! How I miss macintosh apples this time of year. The smell is just tremendous, crisp, tangy. If I'm lucky the store will have a good batch or two and I can enjoy them for a while. But picking apples, ah - that's it. That's really fall. D :}

Hobbes said...

That sounds like a great excursion, and I hope you will get a great pie. I am sorry to confess this, but Pillsbury does crust better than I can. It's not the frozen pie shells, but the pre-made dough of them. Very easy and good.

Mo'a said...

Looking forward to seeing photos of a delicious apple pie. I am lazy when it comes to baking a pie, I go to the very famous Red Barn about 5 miles away and buy one of their pies. Al Roker did a piece there for his Roker on the road. When you come for a visit I will take you there.

Kyahgirl said...

letl me get this straight...are you saying that you can't make pie crust either?

oops, did I just confess my darkest secret yet?

G said...

FF: Yes, nothings says Fall quite like apple picking. Enjoy your macs!

Weirsdo: Okay, Pillsbury pre-made dough - not frozen crusts...

Brian: Thank you! What no recipes? Hope you're feeling a bit better :)

Mo'a: Ooh I like the sound of that. Can I sit in Paloma as we enjoy the pie? I'm making my way over to your place for a visit shortly. I think we should set a date for the real visit :)

Kyah: Well, it's just that, er sometimes when, ahh I think I might be - "NO! I've never made a pie crust!" she shouts as she throws herself on the couch sobbing.

Any other secrets? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great picture! Sounds like so much fun. Apples are a most wondrous food.
Oh, and definitely buy the crusts. I mean, life is just too short!

Hobbes said...

Went to Muffin-Land. I think your daughter is a good writer. As I told her, I enjoyed the details in her account.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture G!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I have never been apple picking. I picked figs once as a kid...the operative word there being "once." One day on hands and knees in the dirt picking up those squishy, disgusting, things was enough for this lazy kid. The 35-cents per full box quickly lost its allure. Apples sound much better...can one stand while picking?

G said...

I agree Actonbell, they're the staff of life! Yeah, we're going with pre-made crust in some form or another.

Weirsdo: Thank you - she'll be pleased to see that (especially coming from Pansi's "manager"). She's very natural.

cj! Thanks - actually Tali took that one.

Joel: I think it's high time for you and my NBFF to head out to an orchard! Oh no, none of that! It's all done standing my friend. None of that pesky kneeling and getting dirty for us!

As as added bonus, you can bring the doggies :)

Anonymous said...

...about the cow tipping part. how exactly is that done and do the cows get upset?

Sideways Chica said...

This reminds me of my childhood, and picking the apricots from our backyard orchard. Of course, I found myself in trouble often, as I probably ate more apricots than I picked. I fared much better picking the lemons - less temptation. Plus...I knew the more lemons I picked the more lemon muffins, scones, lemon meringue pie, and curd for me!

Ciao G - thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

G said...

Haha Joel - I am so sure I have no idea. Read the footnote to clear up any confusion :)

Hi Teri: That sounds like a nice stroll amongst some very nice surroundings. Ooh apricots, now I have to have one! Thanks for reminding me to eat more fruit (not just apples :) Ciao bella.

Doug The Una said...

I had a feeling you were cute.

You could still be a 70-year-old man, but I have to admit, I'm pretty sure that's Tali's mother in the picture.

Anonymous said...

after reading that footnote, i've lost all respect for you.

ha! i kid! altho', i confess, i kind of liked the image of you givin' the ol' heave-ho to Bessie. oh well... another day, perhaps? xoxo

G said...

Doug: Something about apples - it could bring out the cute in a 70 year old male :)

Neva: You know, after reading that it's an urban myth, I'd like to set out to dispel it. Any takers? Meet me in the pasture on the next full moon.

Swampwitch said...

Thanks for the applicious post. Last year when visiting a farm outside of D.C., my daughter, her boyfriend, and I went to a farm and picked apples. They had a contest to see who could pick the most perfect apple. I ended up making an apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp, and apple butter because they picked so many apples.

G said...

Hi Swampwitch, so glad to see you! That sounds like a good contest. My mother-in-laws got a pretty good eye, she might have given a run for the money. Yes, I think some baking is in order soon. Nice to see you and have a great day.

My mouth is watering now thinking of all those appleicious recipes!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I am not Pansi's manager. That would be a full-time job and then some.

G said...

She certainly seems like a handful Weirsdo.