Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Bloggers' Picnic

If you go into the blogs today
you'd better go in disguise
If you go into the blogs today
You won't believe your eyes.

For every blog that ever there was
Is gathered there for certain because
Today's the day the Blogosphere has their picnic.

Ev'ry blogger who's commented
Is sure of a treat today
And our "friendly" CURMUDGEON HOST
Will savagely make you pay.

Beneath the trees where nobody sees
in a spiral of templates that once
were TOM&ICY'S
He's waiting there for his next victim.

Yes you think that they're RETIRING
or taking a break to GATHER STEAM
But Doug has taken the writer
and drowned them in a stream

So enter there and see who knows
the killer of the blogs is not Ambrose
but simply said that scallawag
who mimes him!


Anonymous said...

A blogger picnic sounds wonderful. I'll bring the lingonberries!

TLP said...

Picnic? Food? Awrightie then....I'll bring chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

Doug The Una said...

Did you find fingerprints? I thought not. You got nothing. Nothing but a clever poem.

Anonymous said...

lol... That sounded wonderful! Saying out loud was spectularly exciting!


Hobbes said...

Wouldn't put it past him.
But I'm seriously concerned about Tom. If anyone (or everyone but me) knows if he's o. k. or not, could you comment here or on my blog?

FelineFrisky said...

LOL!! Very clever! Picnic? Yea! I'll make quiche and lasagna! Gotta really eat! D :}

G said...

cj: That would be nice, but keep an eye out for moving plants.

TLP: Chocolate!!! lots of chocolate? Come right in friend. But watch your back.

Hello Doug! Even more incriminating - paw prints! That's right. See your first character witness, in comment by Weirsdo below.

Pavel: Did you say it to the tune of "Teddy Bear's Picnic"? Oh I hope so.

Weirsdo: Nor should you. Your blogs might be particularly alluring to him.

Seriously, I do hope all is allright with Tom and I hope we all see a comment from him real soon.

FF: Quice and lasagna?! Come right in dear friend, I'll take those! Watch out for that guy in the corner who goes by the name "Doug".

Brian: Come in, come in. Just don't stray too far out into the meadow. Watch out for certain "dogs".

Doug The Una said...

I have to agree with Weirsdo. Stream drowning sounds like me.

Sar said...

Nice little ditty, G. Now I'm off to figure out what it is your dittying about.

[Note to self: let this be a lesson not to fall behind in blogsphere again.]

Mo'a said...

Some might think I had left but here I am at "The Blogger's Picnic.....Bermuda was great, beautiful, warm, sunny, did I say beautiful white and aqua.
October 31st is by one year blogger Birthday....Aniversary...let's have a party.

Mo'a said...

By the, by. That is my blogger Birthday not *blush* "by"

G said...

Doug, Sadly I have to question even your most innocent of comments, such as this one left by you when I fisrt started blogging: "Haha, G. Let it flow through you ;-)".

Sar: I don't know, I think I'd take the more time spent on beaches option myself. Hint: blogs are closing up shop all with one thing in common - Doug's Blogroll! Proceed with caution.

mo'a: Good for you too! You girls sure know how to live. Glad you made it back for the picnic though. Happy Blogaversary (almost). Another one who seems to have been around forever with your beautiful place.

No need for blusing here Missey, I'm an expert typoist.

Anonymous said...

i believe you're on to something here, NBFF. or should i start calling you Nancy (as in Drew)?

tho' now i'm especially worried, because Sar's the one who initially encouraged me to leave responses on WA (i was a lurker for a while before that). perhaps the two are in cahoots?? wouldn't put it past 'em.

too funny. and clever. and fodder for some serious Blogger concern. hmmm. in case something happens to me, just remember i have a small mole on my left thigh, and two rather distinctive tattoos. (just to be on the safe side, i think i'll stick a life vest and first aid kit in the blog-compartment) xoxox

G said...

I had to respond immediately - one because I am laughing and two - my blood ran cold - yes Sar! Then I would have to wonder about PIA as well. She did serve me up on a platter to that meglomaniac! He seemed so nice - so normal.

Oh the humanity (I can never get enough of that phrase)! Okay, I'm off to go figure out where my blog compartment is!

Anonymous said...

it's on the right side of the dashboard, next to the radio.

and, yes! Pia has to be in on it, too! ooooh, methinks you've uncovered some serious blogfoolery here, NBFF. so glad you're able to shed a little well-needed light on this whole sordid affair.

"Life's a blog and then you die."

Doug The Una said...

Neva, you know perfectly well the mole is on your right ankle. I mean, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

that was a flea bite, Doug, remember?

Logophile said...

Ohh the humanity,
the shock the horror!

Great poem though.

G said...

Neva: Life's a blog and then you die, haha - you do mean that as a joke, right? hehe.

Wait a minute, how does he know....NBFF - No Best Friend is Forever! Of course, you're in on this too. Sure his little story with the all makes perfect sense! Oh, now the fatal blow has been delivered.

Logo: Terrible isn't it? But thank you.

Anonymous said...

no no! i'm bein' framed, i tell ya! i think he's been spying on me, even as he plots (heh) my demise. the shovel story was probably his way of covering up and/or a further attempt to implicate me. don't fall for his tricks! he's still a young dog, and i'm guessing he's learned more than a few.

of course i meant "life's a blog and then you die" as a joke. (really!) hee hee! xox

hmmm. my veri is "khedig", which one with an overactive imagination could *almost* interpret to be "Kyahdig".... are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Anonymous said...

A cute and clever poem, G. Well done.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

That's totally hilarious!

ann said...

ooooh can I come, please please.... I love picnics

what shall I bring... I could cook something yummy

shabbat shalom to you and your lovely family

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! Be absent for a day or two and come back to this??? Que has hecho hermano mio!


Oh G! 'Tis my brother you speak of so! I am distraught, DISTRAUGHT I SAY!

Doug The Una said...

Neva, what's a little betrayal among friends?

G said...

Neva: dots on dice sister. Not that that actually makes sense, but I like the sound of it! I'm with ya, alright. I knew deep down you could not be a party to this. That Kyah though - what does she need to paint her new house for - blood spatters or something? To be continued...

Thanks A. Or may I be so bold as to call you Al?

Cheesemeister: I take that as a supreme compliment from you.

Ann! Of course you can - just watch out for that friendly looking dog that goes by the name of doug.

Shabbat Shalom to you and yours my dear buba of the blogs.


MizB: I'm sorry that you had to hear about it this way. But guard your blogs and don't answer to dogs pretending to be real estate agents! It's for the best to just cut contact with him.

I'll answer that one - BLOGICIDE!

robkroese said...

Ok, I know this is a refence to another poem, but I can't think of what it is. Gaaaaahhhh! It's on the tip of my tongue. The something picnic. Or am I on crack?

G said...

No it is we who are on crack Diesel. And if there were such a poem, it would be called "The Teddy Bear's Picnic". If there were.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Bear's Picnic with a Walrus and Carpenter twist.

in leaving (for to be sure, i am) i'll tell you what Dudly DoRight once said to a certain damsel in near distress: "Head for the round house, Nell, he can't corner you there!"

are there any round houses near that stream? oh wait... i beleive there's at least *one*, it's called a gazebo, no? xox

G said...

The light shines from the roundhouse because as Neva rightly pointed out, "he can't corner you there!".

G'night friends, thanks for playing along.