Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Watch out for the Goo Goo Muck

"When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
I turn into a teenage goo goo muck
I cruise through the city and I roam the street
Looking for something that is nice to eat.
You better duck when I show up...
the goo goo muck. "


Thanks PAVEL! Without your expertise, well I would still be sitting at my kitchen table listening to this song for the 854th time. All technical credit for this post goes to Pavel whether he'd like it or not.


DaBich said...

Oh no, that's a new ear worm! lol
Thanks a lot!

Doug The Una said...

Happy Halloween.

FelineFrisky said...

That was weird! Reminise of the Purple People Eater! LOL Happy Halloween! Take pics of the little goblins! D :)

Anonymous said...

Cool song, G. I'll bet your kids love it.

Promises to be a nice, unusually warm evening in NYC - perfect for a little t-or-t with the younguns. Have a great one!

Miz BoheMia said...

Hola my sweet blogging dynamo of an amiga! Dios mio! Well, you know the drill, I am always late but I do show up! ;-P

Your encounter with Stuart was really sweet... amazing how little encounters can make us reflect and make for a good story, no? Back in my single days, when I lived here in Spain, right before falling for the Loveroy but little did I know it then, I used to go to work by bus and this older gentleman who had happened to sit by me one day soon became my every day bus companion and we had many a conversation. I also interacted, every once in a while, with this African immigrant who commuted to work by bus too. She was chubby, with a squeaky, shaky voice, MAN did she talk, bossy but all in all sweet and just comical... I saw her on the street the other day, 10 years after the fact. I said nothing. She would not remember me. But I remembered those encounters with her and it was like walking by a snippet of what once was, frozen in time... this reminded me of that moment.

As for the picture thing, it doesn't shock me... no matter what venue or medium we use, there will be those out there looking to abuse it. I thought about it long and hard. Especially now that I am giving these video things a try... so far I have small snippets of the kids. I cannot imagine doing too much but even some might say that for safety reasons the small snippets are too much... but you can also say that by taking them out, exposed to all those strangers that walk by... bottomline, you never know. There are many crazies out there and it is easier to track people down via their IPs than we give it all credit for... my point is, we simply need to live our lives alert at all times when it comes to our kids, whether we post their pics or not. All it takes is a second of losing track and not being on the ball, you know? If we are, I think we should be as well as possible... some danger still applies but hey, I ain't god! Wish I was cause then I'd be back home dammit! ;-P

Oooh! Musica! Pardon me while I scoot on to dance with the boppin' boy!

Fab posts as usual, much fodder for thought to say the least and always brimming with your wonderful and beauteous energy! Hope all is well in the land o' G! Besos!

G said...

db: Mwahahaha - you dared!

Doug: You too! You should have come dressed as a human. Hey that gives me an idea...

ff: Forgot about the Purple People Eater! The Cramps sort of did punk versions. Happy Halloween to you too - will do.

al: It's an old chestnut from the 80's. Oh you'd better believe it - full license to get raucous!

Looks to be a good day - Thanks Al.

MizB!: Hola my new TV personality - Bohemia Ball amiga! Nobody plays catch up like you! As the old tagline goes - "a thousand stories in this naked city". So true. So funny how you can see people years later like that!

I'm conflicted about the pictures - and you are right, just have to be alert. Good point on the IP address. Oddly I'm more freaked at someone taking a picture of my child from my blog then having them see them on video. All things to think on.

Glad you likey the tune and dance the dance Electric I hope and FO SHO! Dance you two boppers!

Besos to you mi amiga from the Land of G! Get home soon. xox

Anonymous said...

love it! only i think they sound more like the B52's ... and, for the record, i ADORE the B52's!

you are SO the queen of cool music, NBFF! i could learn a lot from you... and believe you me, i plan to! (i was gonna say "i plan to pick your ear", but that just sounded so wrong) xoxo

ann said...

I'm sorry g.... I couldn't open it... doh!!!!!

Mo'a said...

Grrrrrr!!!I have Quick Time, but for some reason, "The Gods of All Things Beond and Above The Head of Mo'a" and Microsoft would not let me connect to your spooky whatever....Pavel, where are you when I need help....oh!yea!!!you probably don't even know me....I lurk sometimes on your blog....where was I? Oh!!!Yes!! feeling left out.
Anyhooooo! Happy Halloween

G said...

neva: they are like a down and dirty little punkier B52's (I definitely here it though). Same time period - early 80's.

I shall lend you my ears any time. Ooh glad you liked, these are my golden oldies.

Ann: No I'm sorry, technical difficulties have abounded today.

Mo'a & Ann - Please say hello - Ann's 1 year blogaversary was yesterday and Mo's is today! Happy Blogaversary again dear ladies!

Mo'a: How dare it not open for you! Say hello next time you're at Pavel's. There is nobody more delightful in the blogs. He's a great guy with fun links (but you know that you little lurker :).

thanks all for stopping by. Have a great night. ~ G

G said...

How does that happen when you type. You know the word, yet your brain just types the first thing it picks up in here instead of hear. I never proof my comment either. Okay, simmer down Lampy, time for lights out.

Anonymous said...

listen, i proof my comments most of the time, and *still* make stupi...er, silly mistajes. it happens. (that typo was real, but it made me laugh, so i left it in)

i was only able to listen to a snippet of that song (hence the B52 reference) but i can definitely see the "dirtier/punkier" thing, and i can't wait to hear more (guess 'll just have to find a site that will allow me to do so, or go out and buy the damn CD!)

Rabbit, Rabbit, NBFF! xox

Tom & Icy said...

I'll be a goo goo muck in April when I turn 13, but that is really old for a dog! Interesting song.

Hobbes said...

Hey, T&I, good to see you. I hope you guys are doing all right; we miss you.
I listened through i-tunes, even though I have Quicktime. At my house, no Goo Goo Mucks; just non-participants. And Mall Diva was even invited to a teenage party. I think we really are the Weirsdos.

G said...

Tom&Icy: So nice to see you! Wow, 13 in April - that is cause for celebration!

Weirsdo: I was coerced into taking the kids out for a quick trick or treating in the neighborhood in the evening. Tali was intent upon it, Julian went along happily though.

Anonymous said...

All strung out this morning on Snickers and candy corn, huh, g?

G said...

Al, seems you have a window into my world. Thoughts are racing, focus difficult and least of all in the equation, "they" expect some productivity from me at work.

The nerve!

Carrie said...

Wonderful! That' will be played many a time today! Isn't Pavel just wonderful!

G said...

Hi Pinky! Yeah, that's a fun song and Pavel's The Best!