Sunday, November 05, 2006


ONCE UOPN A TIME, there were two girls who met in a funny land where words connect people. It is called The Blogosphere. They met at a place called WAKING AMBROSE (a blog, near as they could tell , that was dedicated to some dead cranky old man) where they became fast friends. Their names were NEVA and G, but they called each other "NBFF" which stood for New Best Friend Forever! They were silly like that. They each met a lot of nice people in this Blogosphere, and Neva had been friends with SAR - a real life belle, who encouraged her to visit Doug's place. The girls had each been shy to join in the fray that occurred daily at Doug's but before long G exclaimed to Neva "hey I can be as sarcastic as the next fellow" and Neva responded in her best Groucho Marx voice, "Well move over and let me talk to the next fellow"! From that day forward, they shared lunch in CENTRAL SNARK.

Long fairy tale short - the day came when the NBFF's would meet The Belle of the Brawl - Sar!

First G drove to Neva' s house and they hopped into Neva's super fast hotrod because as NBFF's they had a lot in common, like being late, and they had to drive really fast like 80 or 140 MPH or something pretty quick anyway. While Sar waited for her hotrod friends to arrive, she sipped coffee and dreamed of new threads to adorn her lovely self with. She was very sweet and didn't even hate the NBFF's when they were late-ish. She was gracious that way - a real belle!

Finally the three girls met! It was as if they had been friends for a long time and in many ways they had. They had a nice lunch together which seemed to stretch out a long while. When they told the waitress how they met, she acted like the three were celebrities. In all fairness, the three girls were pretty much the most excitement the place contained. They were so animated in their conversation and laughter.

After a lot of fun and silly picture taking, they parted reluctantly and promised to keep in touch. This fairy tale has a very happy ending because both Sar and G got homemade cookies from Neva as she is very nice like that. And they all went to bed that night with smiles on their faces and fond memories of a day spent with great new old friends.



Anonymous said...

"smiles on their faces" along with a smear or two of chocolate? (one of 3 kinds, i might add, assuming i know what i'm talking about, and, of course, i don't.)

your talents never cease to amaze and impress, NBFF! first with that Nancy Drew-like uncovering of a plot to knock off fellow bloggers by a certain curmudgeon whose name shall remain Doug, then THIS magical tale based on a *true* (and magical) story but made so much more magical by your magical telling of it in that magical way you have! i've half a mind to send a copy of it to our waitperson, Nancy -- and, when i locate the other half of my mind, maybe i will!

by the way, you = Nancy Drew, Waitperson = Nancy, too. hmmmm. coincidence? i wonder. on second thought, i'm sure it was, after all, unlike you, Waitperson Nancy wasn't the brightest bulb in the lamp. "Oh Nancy? would you be a dear and take our picture? what's that? too busy with those people at that ONE other table you're waiting on, who've been waiting on YOU for, what, the past 27 minutes? Sure, Nance, no prob. Take your time. we've got all day.")

if your life is, in fact, fodder for a sitcom (and i truly believe it is) then THIS story will be the clever animated "flash back" episode that airs towards the end of season 2. i smell an Emmy! no wait, that's just another batch of cookies i burned...

have i mentioned lately how GLAD i am we're NBFF's?? well i am, and *then* some!!! hope your boyfriend enjoyed his "souvenir" from our trip. altho' i'm guessing that GSL was less than appetizing by the time you got home (i don't think they're meant to last longer than a few minutes, certainly not 2 or 3 hours...but i could be wrong) xox

Logophile said...

What a fabulous story, and all the better because its TWUE, its TWUE, its all TWUE!!
Glad you gals had fun and I am a delicate shade of lime over here, just so you know.

Doug said...

You sound like a ZZ Top video.

ann said...

.... and they all lived happily ever after ....

wonderful, wonderful.... you gals sure had a great time

glad you're home safe and sound

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Anonymous said...

I loved this story it was beautiful!! So glad you guys had the chance to get together and have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Y'all should have met for lunch in New York -- I'm thinking, the round table at the Algonquin?

Yes, you're all that clever. :-)

G said...

Neva: At least three kinds - oh how delicious! This little tale? Just a silly little recounting of a grand day! Yeah, Nancy was a tad slow on the uptake and it was amazing how she chose that exact moment to spring into action. Yes I believe that was the burnt cookies that you smelled.

Right back at ya NBFF. I can drink my lattes for hours as you have witnessed, but he did enjoy the cookie souvenirs indeed! xox

LOGO: So TWUE!! You do look good in green though. Come on - all those lovely encounters with The Idiot and Suzy, we're not too jealous at all of that fun, what with our noses pressed up to the glass. Nope - not a bit.

DOUG: Must have been the hotrod!

ANN: That we did. And now Monday - blah, what a letdown. Thanks for checking in on me :)

cj: Thanks. Now if we could only lore "other" bloggers into our web...Although, we are still working on the Fresh Air Fund trip since our windfall from Dr. Davd Sir Dick VanDyke seems to have fallen through.

Al: I thought because you would have wanted to be included. After all, you can't be cornered at a round table!*

*A takeoff on one of Neva's faves - "Head to the roundhouse Nell, he can't corner you there!".

Anonymous said...

Well G, you never know - Erick just interviewed with two companies in CT last week. I may be moving out east and will no doubt need friends. :)

~ good girl ~ said...

LOL!! Giggly G, Please don't forget to invite us to your 16th birthday party. I'll be sure to wear my best sorority dress :-)

I love this story. It's what warm and fuzzy should feel like.

GG xo

G said...

cj: Ooh yes indeedy! Will you be working at Starbucks by any chance?

GG!: Oh I know you will - I better start planning now! So happy to see your little ponytail and coincidence that a fairy tale lured you out? I think not.

So happy to see you round - we've missed you in The Snark!

Anonymous said...

Love the story! LOL, I can just see you on the highways of Conn, blowing past everyone in your hotrod. :)

Three days to vacation. I am a little excited.

FelineFrisky said...

How wonderful! I am so very glad the 3 of you had such a fun time! We will be meeting a blogger friend while we are on vacation next week. It is ever so exciting! I can imafine the excitement the 3 of you had together! Great tale! D :)

Mo'a said...

Great Fairy Tale of the Three Princesses....and Nancy Drew. I am so happy that you all had a great where are the photos?
Al has a great idea.
We need to meet before the end of November or in the New Year....December is taken up by a foot operation and Christmas....just case you were going to invite me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, people live such exciting lives when I'm sick.

Or, sob, am I edited out of the story altogether? :-)

Glad you had a wonderful time but so jealous because I have had a hell of a week

Great great story

Anonymous said...

Sounds simply wonderful! I have a feeling though, that it is not, "the end" as you say...I predict a sequel or two to this tale.

DaBich said...

Ahh..a wonderful tale, not fairy tale, as it's a true story...lucky girls :)

Anonymous said...

...any cookies left? You know, your NBFF "forgot" to leave any behind. I figure it was payback for burning that batch I was put in charge of. Oh's better this way. Kinda, sorta on a diet anyway. Don't worry bout me...rice cakes can be tasty.

G said...

Brian: Glad you liked, yeah, that was us! Good for you - enjoy your vacation.

Diane: Good for you both! Enjoy your vacation and meeting up with a blogger bud. It's really great to meet up in person.

Mo'a: I'll email you because I really would love to meet up - you are so close to my mom's. Stop that - we have to come to you unless you are bringing Paloma in the car with you! You know we are meeting Paloma too! Of course I forgot my camera that day, but pictures can be found AT SAR'S. Ooh and do I gather we're getting Al in on the get together too!? This is fun!

Kyahgirl said...

You realize that if you keep this up you're going to make the world a better place? I'd say I love a happy ending but I get the feeling this is just the beginning!!

great story g, and I'm glad to hear three of my favorite gals of the blogsphere had a chance to get together. Sounds fun.

Carry on, I think you have found another path to world peace :-)

G said...

Pia: I think then the next tale may include highrises and chicken soup and pink pinups. Yes indeed. Hope you are feeling better. ~ G

Cindra: You may be right and I need such little encouragement... :)

db: It was indeed a treasure to meet up! The day had a fairy tale like quality to it though I must say.

Joel: Well I'm kinda sorta wanting to be on a diet and those delicious cookies did nothing to help my plight - oh they were good! Put some peanut butter on those rice cakes - you need the protein!

Kyah: Oh if only that were true and who knows? It may just be that simple. Worth thinking about...I do love a good tale - must be the Irish in me loves a good yarn.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Now THIS fairy tale I like!!! And it has home made cookies to boot! If this ain't funkified, then I don't know what is!

Hope you lived it up sistahs!!! Next time, a certain bohemian wants to be in the fairy tale if the other ladies are daring enough to venture out with a klutz! Yeah, I cannot promise "smooth" but...


WHAT? You are a ZZ Top video? Huh!

G said...

MizB: Oh we have a special fairy tale with you in it my klutzy Sistah! In due due time.


Sar said...

Wheeeeeeeee! I'm in a fairy tale! It was so wonderful meeting you and your NBFF, G. How much fun we had. I think you should have shared your crafty necklace with the symbolic focal point you added. That was so thoughtful and one of my favorite memories of our meeting - make that our first meeting. :)

Hobbes said...

Sounds nice. I despair of meeting like-minded bloggers in this neck of the woods.

G said...

Sar: You're perfect for a fairy tale! The feelings are mutual amiga. I should have - well now I'll have to post a little story about it. (love your Happy Dance by the way)!

Weirsdo: You're not near Ugly Grace's are you? Because I was going to recommend a get together there.