Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Color is Your House?

I'm not big on political blogging for a number of reasons - namely I am no pundit. But also I find the vast number of political blogs are so far left or right that it makes my head spin. It's a safe bet that when you return to my humble abode, all talk of politics will be put away with last night's dinner dishes (I should hope).

That said - it is the midterm elections and we'll wake up tomorrow with either a Red House or a Blue House, no in between. Well that's not exactly representative of the house that I live in - we're a mixed marriage in terms of politics. Although we agree on many key issues and have grown closer in viewpoint over the years, I still get "liberal" lobbed over the net at me and my husband ducks as I throw "right winger" at his head. Neither of us exactly fits the labels and are somewhat moderate in many cases. Our differences, however, are not in our fundamental beliefs - those we share and use as a springboard from which to provide a spiritual basis for raising our children.

One thing my household is united in politically (as is the case I believe for a large percentage of the American public), is the feeling that we need change. How that change is going to be effected is anybody's guess. Not such an easy task. Our country and our world is on a very precipitous perch right now and we're feeling a bit downtrodden. Where do we go from here? How do we bring about a conversation of how to resolve some of the wrongs going on? There are no easy answers no matter what your views are.

In that vein, a blog titled PATH TO PEACE has been started. It is set up by blogger(s) anonymously to "ensure that it does not have a hidden agenda for furthering the cause of any party, group, or individual". Well that sounds refreshing. It really seeks to create a dialogue from which to explore options of how to proceed as a country, as a world towards peace.

The sight has a proposed "International Bill of Rights" and asks whether you would endorse it. Considering a good deal of rhetoric and close-mindedness from both sides of the aisle, I say a blog like this is a breath of fresh air.

I'd like to believe it would be this simple and I'm willing to put the skeptic in me aside, perhaps with the breakfast dishes.


Anonymous said...

Great post, and great sentiment...we do need change, regardless of what labels we toss around.

Hugs, and happy hump day.

ann said...

If only it were that simple, and the concept is a great one. I'd love to think that all politicians start out fresh with ideas for reform and to improve the lot of the people, but once they rub shoulders with corruption it begets corruption and then they have their own agenda which does not necessarily include the man in the street.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

FelineFrisky said...

I agree witn Ann. Unfortunately, alot is lost once inside the political arena.

We need a stronger third party to arise, somehow. It's the same old Rep vs Dem every time.

It's aggrivating as all get out! sigh, what to do?! D

Anonymous said...

Mostly beige here, but the kitchen's navy.

(Not what you had in mind?)

G said...

Cindra: Thanks I'm the messenger delivering in this case, but I think it's a message worthy of consideration.

Hugs and same back at ya :)

Ann: I agree, but I think that this is what the Path to Peace blog is attemtping to do - have that dialogue with "the man in the street". lotsa luv to you xox

FF: Indeed, but as I mentioned to Ann, I believe that this is exactly that - something outside of the political arena.

Agree or disagree (and I'm not convinced where I stand on some of the blog's points), it's a starting point for a discussion. It's refershing to meet people that are willing to put their views aside and listen and discuss.

G said...

Al: Beige - no not just any beige - Noooo - do you remember those Benjamin Moore commercials? Anyway...nice choices I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

i actually explored the content of Path to Peace yesterday, and found it quite interesting. i love the concept of a "grass roots" movement in order to bring about change, or, at the very least, spark a debate. i had every intention of joining in -- or at least leaving a comment, but then something must have sparkled in the kitchen, because i got distracted, and forgot to go back.

as you know, you and i share many of the same political views (how else could to explain our NBFF status? well... many things explain *that*, but political leanings and/or mockings certainly belong in the mix!) i feel fortunate that Joel and i do, too, for i can't imagine having a conversation like the ones you get to have with Scissorhands on any given day. on the other hand (heh), maybe i do feel some of your pain, for one of my biggest "political(ish)" struggles came 6 years ago, when my son decided to register Republican and vote for Dubya. thank goodness he came to his senses, but back then, i found myself looking for common ground. i succeeded, but it was tough.

i guess what i'm saying here is that you and Scissorhands manage to "coexist" quite nicely, my son and i were able to "coexist", and i, for one, find it curious and frustrating that others aren't willing to keep their minds open enough to do the same thing. i suspect that, ultimately, the "real" Path to Peace will be one paved with a fair amount of cooperation and/or compromise. let's hope it starts with a good idea and a blog, and works it's way up the global geo-political food-chain before it's too late! xox

Anonymous said...

and... i'm back from a visit, and may i just say i'm more than a little upset? i may? why, thank you! i'm thinkin' a Path to Peace, while possible, is going to be a hell of a lot more difficult with the likes of a certain Q-less individual in the mix. yeesh.

that's all i have to say on the matter. this is a great post, and your comments on the new site are inspired, really wonderful and impressively controlled. come to think of it, with the likes of YOU in the mix, maybe that Path *can* be forged one day, after all! xox

Minka said...

Nice. The world is not balck or white and American politics are not red or blue. They should be sorta greenish, standing for hope.
Perosnally, I find it so tough to see how such a great country with so amazing people in between, can have in teh last 5 years plumetted from such a high to such a low.
More than just one man can be the source of such decline...a unified front and an honest agenda hopefully might help to bring change about. But what do I know? Iceland has three politicians taht decide si hilarious. But in teh grand sceme of things, Iceland doesnæt matter all that much...America has an effect on teh entire world!

Anonymous said...

Minka is right

I can't help but believe that this admin's emphasis on moral values--false ones of their own choosing, and religion--one Christian--is a sham and the public is beginning to wake to that

Anonymous said...

I saw Bush speak today and he commented that the over all cumulative effect of the races was "a thumpin'". While some laughed I couldn't help but think to myself that he still doesn't get it. It is time for a change. I don't think that either or any side has all the answers. But I do think that it is more than evident that we are off track, we need to get our act together, and work together as a country to move us into our potential.

My other half and I both were at polar ends of the political spectrum when we first met and got married - at least we thought we were. In the years we've been married since Erick and I had found that we are both in the middle of the road. While his family is "concerned" that I have turned him to the dark side.... we just laugh. Through discussions and conversations we've had we have found that we both want the same things... not always sure of how to get there. I think that could be the case for most of us.

Sar said...

Oh Happy Day! One step closer on our path to peace.

Carrie said...

I have tons to add to this thought, but I'm not up to doing that just yet. Thanks for the love! HUGS!!!! backatcha!

G said...

Sorry I haven't checked in sooner, but I was busy getting bloody error messages or well, sleeping or working or something...


Neva: Since it's an ongoin site, go back when things aren't so sparkly. I guess the truth is that although Scissors and I may often (but not always) vote for different candidates, we are able to understand and respect each other's viewpoints. The fact that we sleep together has maybe a little something to do with it. ALso, our viewpoints on KEY issues pretty much mesh.

But you're so right and make a good point - why can't we get this going as a global co-existance conversation?

And on your 2nd comment, well I know we vote not to waste any more breath on that individual. xox

Minks: That's a nice way of putting it and I believe what a majority of us are hoping for.

Who are you kidding? I took your quiz - you know plenty! :)

Pia: The snooze button can't be hit any longer. SO true.

cj: Couldn't agree more on all counts. Funny about that opposites attracthing thing... :)

Sar: And I need to get back over and see that Happy Dance of yours again!

Pinky: You need to be resting Missy (but so glad to see you up and about). Stop by and visit the Path to Peace when you're feeling a bit better. Be well - and hugs and love to you - xox ~ G

Doug The Una said...

Where have I been?

The labels of left and right have never meant less in the history of our nation, which explains why they get tossed around so much. Very, very cheap.

Not that you shouldn't assault scissorhands with one.

FirstNations said...

thats exactly where change should and does the grassroots level. and we have to hold that line despite what the powers that be demand.
oh, i'm a rebel from the olskool. 'off the grid' is my goal and 'alternative economy' is my line. but...I'll spare you!
way to go, G. great post.

Doug The Una said...

FN, how much for an ounce of the kind?

Dan said...

What color is my house? Good question! I haven't really been outside for a while ... this anklet kind of slows me down.

I think it was white when they moved me here but I think some guys were around last year painting it. They spoke Spanish if that's any help.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said G...I'm made hopeful by the fact that, all things considered, Americans are pretty good at facilitating change when it's in the best interest of the country. I have to think that's why our form of government has survived 230 years without a single overthrow...a fairly amazing feat.

G said...

Doug: Thanks Dougs, where would I be without low blows and cheap shots in my arsenal?

fn: Spare us nothing - that's when you're at your best! and thanks.

Doug: Try scoring somewhere else - say Central Snark.

Dan: Is this a voluntary or involuntary "stay" and was the painter named Sonny by any chance?

Joel: Just reading your comment I feel more hopeful, really and truly. Good point. So how come I can't get my kids to bed each evening without a coup?

Anonymous said...

Well G, in case you haven't figured out by now, kids are a power unmatched in the universe. If it weren't for video games and television (kid cryptonite)and an overall lack of stature...they would rule the world and we would be their slaves. Wait...

G said...

Think you're on to something here Bobo! Let's brainstorm - it may be too late for you, but hey for the greater good?

Hobbes said...

Unfortunately it's a lot harder to get out of a mess than it would have been to AVOID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, as, had ANYONE in our government consulted me, I would have advised them to do. (Before you tell me I could have written to my reps, remember I live in AL.)
I am hopeful that something moderate and rational will prevail now, however.

G said...

My burning question is - just why aren't you a consultant in our government anyway? I agree and have similiar hopes.