Thursday, November 02, 2006

"You're my blue skies..."

This day started off pretty cranky in these parts.

Yup, started off raining, kid tantruming, having to go to two separate coffee establishment due to long lines or indecsive minds, evil office assistant playing Muzak which promptly had me envisioning myself dropped into a depression ad..."There she sits at her desk, the post that she just wrote disappeared, how can she recuperate from losing the only shards of brilliance her day would hold...". Back to the bad day - getting tapped on the bumper by somebody who was having a problem comprehending the Universe's Alternate Merge Theory and thus almost ran me off the road. When I did get out of the car to check, instead of finding a menacing smartass behind the wheel, I found a sweet young woman who very apologetically said "I had no idea that I hit you, what can I do?". I do feel slightly bad that my response wasn't something more comforting than "learn to drive".

The evil office assistant gets on my nerves for reasons such as the following interaction. When a coworker comes back in from the outdoors she feels the need to ask "Still raining?" even though the sun is shining brightly through the windows.

Hold on! The sun is shining! Holy Moses, that means I'm supposed to be happy! Hope springs eternal.

Have a nice day now.


Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, ha, haaaaa! You so funny, and you so witty, and you so pretty and I AM FIRST!!!!


As for the post below... oooh! I wanna see this novel you ain't writing! Get to it woman! ;-)

How's that for a hello? Hmmm?

G said...

MizB!! You so funny/witty/pretty and videolicious yoSelf! The best hello ever!

You are not only first it seems, but the only visitor to me today. That's okay, I have things to do like work perhaps. Er, did I mention a novel...silly me. x0x

Anonymous said...

Hi GQ,

Sorry you have had a bad day. :(

Novel?? I hear somebody is writing something like that. Thanks for the support at Sar's today.

Tomorrow is Friday. Have a peaceful and loving evening with the family.

Minka said...

Miz our faces, suckas??? You sure have an extensie vocabulary :)

maybe an explantion of window and see-through glas smight come in handy to the lovely woman. She might think it is a picture! ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, but this is the same woman who hears a phone ringing and asks "i wonder who's calling". bless her heart!

funny... i talked to you, i read your mocking words to Bobo (who has a new post up, too, thanks in no small part to you), i remembered your post *yesterday*, and it still didn't occur to me that you might have something new up, today! go figure... some days you feel like a nut, somedays you work with one. xox

G said...

Brian: Sort of like the old blues songs, if I didn't have bad days, what would I blog about. Silver linings my friend. And thank you.

Minka: She does doesn't she! I'm always in awe.

Aha! I never thought of that, leave it to you to come in with that perspective! Too kind really.

Neva: Yes I overheard her taking a message today which went: "What's your first name again - Milton? Oh, Scott. Okay". I mean is anybody even named Milton anymore?

Just an afterthought NBFF - just a little aftertought that I threw in.
Somedays indeed. xox

Just Tom said...

When the sun shines here in Oregon and we (shudder to think of it) have a thought like "hope springs eternal," we call that a sucker hole.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, in NYC, where you can never count on keeping the lane you're in for more than about 100 feet, that sweet girl got off pretty easy with a "Learn to drive." They'd-a shot her in L.A.

And, as for your "Have a nice day." OK! I will. Thank you very much.

G said...

Just Tom: I see I drew you into my version of the Sucker Hole. That might be a good name for a blog come to think of it.

Al: Actually at that fine moment I was out on LI (note to self: consider firearms for "protection"?). That's right - go right ahead and have a nice day :)

FelineFrisky said...

I am late, sigh.....

Sorry your Thursday was rotten. The evil assistant sounds awful. How irritating!

Hope the sun is shining for you on this Friday AM. D :)

Anonymous said...

I know days like this! And, how ironic that I wrote about my frustration with standing in lines with stupid people on the very same day!

G said...

FF: Actually the evil assistant is blog fodder, so not totally evil or useless.

Joel: Something in the universe conspiring against us I am sure!