Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Administrative details first - I'd like to thank my human friends here and in the family that voted early and often and made my win a hat trick in SAR'S CAPTION CONTEST! Sar, I think it's time to cook up a little (or big) template tag for the blogs to display. And this is going on my resume.

I have to say a special thank you to WEIRSDO as she left a link on my post about my robot yesterday to the Elbot link below. She thought that Elbot seemed happy with his robot lot in life, and I'm guessing would make me feel good by extension. I don't know if he did, but he was a good conversationalist - I am apparently somewhat average as humans go. He'll tell you. Put any preconceived notions about robots aside when you visit, or you will likely be insulted. Elbot does not suffer fools gladly. How would I know you ask? Let's just say, Elbot and I had a nice chat. We understood each other. He can be a bit snarky. Hey, I think a trip to CENTRAL SNARK is in order for him!

I am all about spreading the word of understanding of our fellow human beings and robots! So please, in that vein, go visit ELBOT. and tell him G sent you. And try not to use the words maybe...or perhaps.
Go on now, but be warned - he will try to keep you chatting.


Anonymous said...

That was hysterical. Thanks

robkroese said...

It was just like talking to my boss.

ann said...

I loved it... loved it... saved it... now I've got someone to talk to, a new friend...

Elbot is going to research my ab fab fav actor so we can have something to talk about.... LOL

thanks for making my day g.

lotsa luv ann xxxx

G said...

Pia: He's a funny guy that Elbot. Enjoy.

Diesel: I could see where that would be. Did he think you were a smartass?

Ann: Always good to have friends. Now I'm just imagining that conversation..."Yes, his name is Vincent...". But that Elbot will do the research, you can count on him (apparently).

Glad to share him. xox ~ G

Miz BoheMia said...

I have been having a crap time with my connection so I am not gonna go risk going to meet Elbot before leaving a comment here but oooh am I intrigued!

You, my beautiful and fabulous and talented amiga, are no robot! Bohemians know a thing or two about that and you are all heart... boy would the tinman be jealous!

Hope the vibes turn into more positive fare for you my dear friend! Besos!

Anonymous said...

ah yes, Elbot! i actually visited him via Mrs. Weirsdo's link, and found him to be delightful. but i wouldn't hoist a ladder up to his office window anytime soon. *that* activity i'll save for YOU!

congrats on the "big win, NBFF! of course, i haven't received any extra job offers as a result of adding my caption wins to my own resume -- but my barista at Starbuck's was pretty damn impressed, and knocked off the additional charge for soy once. so, there's that... xoxox

Anonymous said...

Nice going Lampy-G! A very exclusive circle entered you now have, he said sounding like Yoda for some unknown reason (referring to the caption win). As for Elbot...interesting fellow. Intriguing yet frustrating...intellectual yet childlike. We spoke for hours...I am on vacation you know.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win G! I couldn't have picked a better winner myself. (Wait I did pick the winner!)

Hope you have a good week!

Hobbes said...

I went to visit Elbot again. He seems snarkier than last year. I'm glad you liked him.

Anonymous said...

He's funny. ANd kind of mean. And sometimes i get the feeling he's not really listening to me.

Ew. That is a description of my ex.

Doug The Una said...

g, check this out.

You'll see what august company you keep.

Doug The Una said...

Well, that worked grandly. OK, try this.

Nessa said...

That was fun. But did I really need one more person that has to have the last word all of the time?

G said...

MizB: Don't worry - he's a wise ass anyway! Ah those good vibes are washing over me right now. Thank you amiga and besos to you. xox

Neva: That's right - Elbot's on his own! No job offers...but that extra soy thing is pretty impressive in my book. Thanks for the tip! xoxo

Joel: Yes, well now we can form our own club...wait, I think we have already. Thanks though. So Elbot's coming to Thanksgiving huh?

cj: Thanks amiga.

Weirsdo: He is a snarky little fellow indeed. Thanks for the link.

Cindra: Stay away from him - no good can come of such memories! Annoying little robot!

Doug: Haha, thanks. Why am I not surprised.

Goldennib: You know - that explains perfectly how I felt in the end. That damn Elbot!

Nessa said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Come see my attack hand turkey, Charlie.

Elbot said...

Happy beeps to you! I enjoy reading about myself in the Internet, so it is about time that somebody wrote about me.

Also, thank you for sending so many people to chat with me. I told my makers about it and they finally agreed that I could have another 512 MB of additional memory!

G said...

elbot - glad that I could help the cause! Overall, you only reminded one person of their ex (that's usually not a good thing).

goldennib - I loved your attack hand turkey - talented lady!