Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Procrastinatation**Clap Clap Clap** 101

You go first
I go second
Starting with...

Above is sing-songed to the tune of the Concentration clapping game.

Oh these are the weeks that will try a procrastinator's last nerves, but I seem pretty calm. Julian's birthday was yesterday, Tali's is on Friday. Thanksgiving just passed. Who has time for all this planning? Exactly!

But you know what? It all works out. I am sort of a slacker in the New York mom's department. I think, "hey, let's have a party at home to celebrate both birthdays this year". Then I mention it to a couple of friends weeks in advance...then all of a sudden it's a week away. Crap, did I call anybody else - because you know sending out actual invitations would be too conventional and well, time consuming. D'oh - work those phones. Hey look at that, everybody can make it that I call. The beauty of these in between birthdays. Nobody is ever away during this time of year. People are in between holidays so everybody is staying put.

Now what about the drummer? I saw an ad for a DRUMMING CELEBRATION in a local paper about a month or so back. I have it right here. I emailed the guy...he emailed back. Then the trail goes cold. So I call him tonight. We chat up about what the Drumming Celebration would entail and it sounds nice to me.

Drummer Guy: So when are you having the party?
Me: Well, this Sunday (sheepishly).
DG: Joking - Haha, yeah the party's going to start in half an hour.
Me: Haha, actually it started about half an hour ago, but there's this uncomfortable could you grab your drums and come over?

It's not much less absurd to the planners of the universe than that scenario. Hey he's a musician, he should know how to go with the flow. As it turns out, he has engagements on Sunday but could come towards the end of the party. In my mind's eye, this is how it's supposed to work out anyway. His other engagement is at a children's hospital for 50 kids. I say that's a) more important for him in terms of need for his service and b) more lucrative as well. So he'll come and do a party wrap-up at our place.

Everybody's happy! I know that I would drive an anal person insane, but that's why I'm not married to or am not best of friends (shall we say) with anal personalities. Not that there's anything wrong with being that way. I just am realistic as to how frustrated you might be in such a friendship. Better you should hear it from me.

Now back to those lists...

craft supplies - check.
strobe disco light for freeze dancing - check.

See you at the party. About 2-ish?


Carrie said...

I, too, have a habit of cutting it just a little too close when it comes to parties. Your party sounds really cool, though. Drummers? Disco? Girl, I can make it to NY by Saturday!!

Oh, and just so you know, I was getting RSVP's for my daughter's birthday party 2 hours before the actual party. Now THAT is procrastination!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry G but the very word (procrastination) resides in Stamford, CT at a certain residence just off the Merritt Parkway - I think you know the one. Our "yeah, whatever" attitude precludes us from any form of pre-planning or even attempts at organization.

To demonstrate the depths of our lethargy...we would have considered the drummer only after the fact as having been an idea worth pursuing had we not been the procrastinators that we are.

Kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

first let me thank Joel for sharing that dark and up-to-now-secret side of uou personalities. sigh. what can i say? in my head we threw a ton of fabulous parties for our kids. in reality we took them to Chuck E. Cheese once, and had a sleep over a different time, and both were nothing to write a post about.

oh, the procrastination tales i could tell if i were so inclined and/or felt like sharing with you rightthisminute. maybe tomorrow, eh?

as for that list? i see you *did* learn a thing or two from that Very Informative Video we shared in the Snark a couple of weeks ago. that said, why worry about the drummer when you can make festive hats? if you like, i'll come over and lead a round of Jimmy Crack Corn (maybe Tali can accompany me on the violin?) xox

Al said...

I know a guy who can get his trained seal over to your party. Honk honk on the horns, flipper-clapping, ball balancing on his little nose, arf arf arf as the little dude catches a tossed fish... Lots of fun.

$75 an hour, seal-poop-removal not included. Interested?

G said...

Pinky: Okay, we'll count you girls in! Your daughter would have fun! SO would you I bet.

See that's why I did it last minute - people don't let you know if they're coming anyway. Two hours - now that's even bad by my admittedly low standards.

Joel: I don't want to insult you by saying I'm not surprised. But it does endear you guys to me even more! And I'm cracking up about the drummer part. Kindred indeed.

Neva: There there NBFF. What are friends for? To make each other feel better about themselves - hahaha. Look I bet nobdoy throws a better party than you do in your head. I am positive! I throw some nice ones there myself - in my head that is.

I love the idea of you leading the troops on Jimmy Crack Corn with Tali's accompaniment. PErfect and if the kids don't tie us up, we'll move on to the hatmaking.

Al: Do I need a kiddie pool or something? What does he charge for the poop removal - $500/hr?

I entertain all offers that provide the smoke and mirrors to my slacker status.

FirstNations said...

the best party i ever threw for my kid, i took her and two friends to a sandbar in the river and let them loose. they dug tunnels with the dogs and threw mud balls and splashed in the water and followed bird footprints and thought it was the best day ever. so much for planning!

ann said...

oh this sounds horribly too close to comfort for me... the engagement party is next Sunday (late father-in-law's stonesetting this Sunday) and I have still got so much left to do...

I'm not good with lists and then I lose them and... need I say more... I think you and I are crafted from the same mould G... doh!!!!!

I'm sure it will all go splendidly... as they say... it'll be alright on the night... hmmm

lotsa luv ann xxxx

ann said...

p.s. I have earmarked Monday for chanukah shopping... must write list, must write list, must write list... what must I do... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

You're an ambitious procrastinater

I should be writing an article to sell but invited somebody over. He might have to work and I'm kind of hoping that he does so I can watch DVR"d TV Haven't heard the word "anal" in a long time. Good word. Descriptive

Hope that the party is wonderful and uh when is Chanakuah/

G said...

fn: Very true how that works out. Actually that sounds like a day I would love. I try to remind myself of that when I start freaking in my head. The kids are just happy to play host and hostess at a party thrown in their honor and have a great time doing it. Hey hope you're feeling well by the way (or better at least).

Ann: What would life be without all the scrambling? I don't think I'll ever know. Yes it sounds as if the mould is the same indeed. Mazel tov on the engagement party -enjoy (I realize what you have to go through to get to the enjoy part). xox ~ G

Ann 2: Writing lists is really an overstatement of what I do. I scrawl things in a notebook then don't follow it anyway, but I hear they're a good thing to do.

Pia: That's perfect way to describe me. Funny how that works out - should be writing, but there must be five other things you could be doing first. Haha, do I understand that. Anal pretty much sums it up.

Thanks and first night is December 15th.

Sweet and Salty said...

I'm with the "great parties up in my mind" group, mind you. (get it? mind you? never mind.. do'h!)

Seriously, though. I plan the whole thing just PERFECT in my mind, except that I wait to the day of the party to put things in motion and then panic if I can't find/do something that needs to be found/done!

It's crazy!

The drummer thing sounded great, though. Maybe I should start planning a little business playing drums at birthday parties? hmmm

G said...

Pavel! Haha, join us for the party in our mind! Oh I know a thing or two about that scenario of last minute widespread panic. Oh yes.

I thought of you when I decided to hire this guy. Seriously. Check out the link. Who knows? I am sure it could be something for you to consider. We'd hire you.

Nessa said...

I can't wait to hear about the drumming.

G said...

Goldennib: I'll keep you posted ;)

Hobbes said...

Whew! Glad you made it, and a very belated happy birthday to Julian.
I am not that anal, but when it comes to my crazy schedule, I definitely have to plan in advance.

G said...

I don't recommend how I do things. I really don't, but guess what - the drummer got sick and couldn't come. So the irony is had I booked a month in advance and planned the party around him, we would have been sorely disappointed. But as it were, he was just an add-on. No biggey. I mean I hope he feels better - he should live and be well.